No names makes sense...for officials

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I know this is a hot topic among players. But here is how i feel about the no name change.

  1. Need to fix the no building identification for your own buildings only.
  2. Need to have a toggle for the show name style game play for private servers.
  3. Official PVP is the wild west. Not knowing what belongs to certain people, along with not knowing who hit you adds to that. Having experienced it, i like the uncertainty.
    So the settings shold be for officials PVP no names. Players who disagree, are mainly the ones who feel they own the server, or don;t want conflict. Then official PVP is not for you, as it is says in the type, PVP. It is not a place where youget to build and build, and mob bully people you don;t like. It now takes communication with allies. Screen shots saying, hey, is this yours. IF not, we are blowing it up. That same allie can relay to the base owner, if known, to back stab you. Creates a lot of chaos, betrayal, and wars among the exile lands, and that is what Conan should be about. Not about peaceful kingdoms ruled by a bunch of friends. Imagine the books if everyone in the land was just getting along and singing camp tunes together. For privates, admins should be able to set the setting to either show name on destruction, on theft, and/or building ownership. All toggles for customizing to liking.

I cannot stress enough
OFFICIALS ARE NOT ONE PERSONS or CLANS PLAYGROUND. the different types cater to the different styles. Being mad because you have to engage in PVP on an official PVP is ridiculous. And I know, offline raiding is still an issue. It always will be. This has nothing to do with that as far as solving it.

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Besides, they can always look at BattleMetrics website and probably figure out who did it anyway. (ask me how I know)

Great for PC, but not for consoles :slight_smile: But again, i am actually okay with officials being wild west. PVP Officials should not be a safe haven for non PVP players. If you don;t want your building destroyed, join PVE-C / PVE. Or go private. there are a lot of them out there. They usually cater to ones taste.

iam asking now, how you know?
i want to know

Because I poked at an alpha’s decayed base. He used to see who was on our server in the few hours he was not. I was one of them so not hard to tell. Even if there were a lot of people on, if you get hit more than once, and check BM each time, you can see who was on each of those times and narrow it down.

I ended up fessing up and stating how I thought the place was abandoned and we got over it. But seriously, some of these alpha clans are inheriting bases from players that want them to be kept up while they take a break from the game and give them over to the aplha for ‘safe keeping’. Meanwhile they are not used and take up space.

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And Alphas are super nice and never wipe noobies just because of an open fish trap theft or if someone clears out there sandstone spider web land claim so they can build a legit base. Trolling a server with an absurd amount of sandstone operation bases is just as bad as someone trolling using the PVP and raiding mechanics. I don’t consider it trolling if someone farms raid mats and uses them on people. That is why they play the game. It is Official PVP, not Official Geneva Convention Rules. And reality is, Trolling usually involves someone isolating on another. The way it is now, a troll wouldn’t know where the new base is. So in theory, couldn’t troll them. It was easier before to troll based on tagging bases.

If I understand your post correctly you are commenting upon the “no owner” status of player items on the PS4 and Xbox platforms at the moment. The lack of names on player structures is a bug that Funcom will fix.
When the patch went to pc live back in early March it was reported and hotfixed on the PC platform. But as per usual this hotfix did not get included in the patches being certified for PS4 and Xbox so people playing on those platforms don’t miss out on the experiencing frustration at the bugs the live PC players have already reported and Funcom has a fix for … I mean why shouldn’t everyone suffer being treated as a beta-test player in a fully released game right?

See note in PC hotfix released 4 March … which was 48 hours after the patch was released.

i didn’t say it wasn’t a bug. I was just commenting on how it seems to coutner the no owner event log, and makes the game more fun, at least for me and the few others on officials we are playing with.

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