(PVP-OG) New kind of server mode

I would like to see a new kind of server.

We got PVP, PVP-C, PVE.
I would love to see PVP-OG servers.

What is a PVP-OG server?
A PVP-OG server is compareble with a PVP server.

The only thing that makes it different is the OG rules.

Wich means, people should be able to make landclaim needed to prevent their base from getting trebuchet.
People are allowed to use fence stacking on those server.

Just 2 changes wich alot of people didnt want to change.
(Nobody claimed a full map before, so with the rules of allowing landclaim they wont do it.)

This server mode PVP-OG would keep the large clans, those that bought all DLCs, those that supported the game over the years, those that didnt leave after all the changes that the majority didnt ask for.

If it means that we would need to buy a DLC to get a mode like this. (Money :money_mouth_face:) Im in for it. Anything to support Conan and having some fun.

Because it aint fun for the majority of the big pvping clans to get banned by snowflakes.

Take this post with abit of salt, the idea behind it is serious.

How do we fund those servers? There is alot of empty servers.
If we look to the playstation EU PVP servers. There is around 2-4 active pvp servers. (This changes daily because servers getting killed by Funcom in 1 day) we could remove some of the empty server. To make some PVP-OG full servers.

Full servers means content for those PVP content creators. Content means other people that see Conan and those might join the game.
Its a win win. Players happy, Funcom happy.


So essentially you want to go back to the old wild west method of no rules.

Can’t wait to see that backfire when the cheaters steamroll everyone and everywhere is paved in sandstone again

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Hey, Thanks for your respond Jimbo.

Could you quote me on where i said ‘no rules’.

Thanks in advance.

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^^right here

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Hey Jimbo, thanks again for your answer.

Could you specify where its says no rules? Because what i read is that all the rules of official server would stay, but that 2 rules that alot of people wont like gets reversed.

In the topic itself, its partially explained why.

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People are asking for the removal of moderation altogether. They might be thinly veiling it under specifics, but until recently official servers were well known for being absolutely lawless and unregulated. Asking for the OG rules is by proxy asking for no rules, given the allure of the OG rules was the complete lack of moderation

Thats your POV by reading OG rules.

OG rules did be explained, but you decided to give your own vision to it.

‘People are asking for’
I didnt ask for anything like that, i gave a idea for a new server mode. A way of playing that PVP around all our platforms did like.

You clearly dont play pvp. :smiley:

Also, i would ask you to stay on topic. Since we have those rules on the forums that ask you to do. (I dont wany my topic to be a lawless unregulated topic.)

So if you have any feedback on the idea itself without trying to point it in a direction that isnt specified in the original post of this topic. Feel free to share it.

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I get that a lot. Would you believe I used to? I switched because I realized that pvp just simply isn’t that fun.

There’s a difference between dumping hours into laboring away in the salt mines and enjoying your time. I hope more people come to that realization in the future.

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The force is str9ng with you.:slight_smile: .

I wouldn’t mind to try the og rules servers. 24/7 thrall killing, old 6 hour window, 2x harvest rate. Fence stacking allowed, spam protecting allowed., thrall count removed. Count me in.


Hey Biggcane55 thanks for your respond. :muscle:
Thats sounds great!

Yes, things need to change.
Youtube vids, Facebooks groups. Everyone is annoyed by the bans that Funcom is doing on those that play the game how they always played it.

Im not against changes, but changes do need to make sense.

Im still not sure if the new updates broke the server performances or the fact that they changed the isp provider for server +/- 1yr ago now.

Normally i wont make a topic like this, but i noticed alot of other Exiles that dont like the changes. (Nothing compared with when the healing system changed)

Lets hope we could achieve something with this topic. Conan should be fun, Conan should be played without fear of getting banned by building a base with anything included that has a function. (example:Building a wall has no function, besides being toxic and killing the population, something we all wanna prevent.)

With this requested server mode, people could make their own choice of joining it. Instead of a company making a decision on how Exiles should play it. (No hate to them)

Also thanks for adding a response. :muscle:

You can already do this for privates but I assume you want it as official servers?

You can download any old patch of conan and run a private server off of it. The players also need to download it.

Although the last person who talked about this on this forum (Sir davewolf) was banned as funcom said he was pirating their game hahahahahah.


may sir davewolf RIP.


This be no point because why not add under-meshing while we at it.

The only answer we got from funcom is performance issues and if that is the goal.

This would be step backwards in funcom eyes it be different u where asking dbd on with 24/7 pvp with 30 min dbd and moderate that for any abuse.

Which is what I don’t understand. You need to have the game purchased on Steam in order to be able to play older versions. I also used @SirDaveWolf 's tool.

it’s funcom we’re talking about… anything is possible

Hey Foggy thanks for your input man.

Yes, official would be the way to go. Since there are to much shady privates out there (sadly)

Would a old version still have worked for consoles? :hushed:
Kinda sad that people just get banned for a old version. :pensive:

Hey Styker thanks for your response.

Why not add undermeshing? Because the majority of players that dont like the recent decisions did be happy to see undermeshing banned.

I think everyone would agree that undermeshing isnt something that should be in the game.

Just think about it, a game that gets praised for all the different building mechanics. But you get banned for using it to protect yourself.

The PS4/PS5 Facebook conan group has 12.5k members, there is less than 10 people that spoke out that understand the bans happening now a days.
And ofc some are in it, but aint active. But the majority in those groups dont like the bans now a days by playing the game.

What is dbd? :eyes:

No because a console is a limited box. You don’t have access to the filesystem and you also can’t easily develop and execute custom applications on it.

The only old version you can play on console is the release version from disc (by disabling auto updates).

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What about O-OG rules? 24/7 building destruction no raid window :smiling_imp:

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