Conan Exiles PSN Server is monumentally monumental!

I’ve been playing on various official servers (sucker for punishment, I know) all of wich have a “#” followed by a four digit number. when I came acreoss “Conan Exilles PSN Server” I thought, wow, this server is going to be like the real thing . . . the abandonment settings have been disabled and thrall decay also. So, as you can imagine, there are abandoned bothies every where and finding a decent spot to build is impossible. Yes, I could just go to another server but none of them have this unique title. So, is this server set up this way for a reason or is it just an oversight?

official servers have official in their tittle , the ones that doesn’t have this name are private servers , their owner have set the settings the way they want .

there are pros and cons on playing on private servers , as they are pros and cons to play on officials , i suggest you to research a little on the forum , or on the internet what suit your needs the best :wink:


I believe that you should pay attention to what @Kanza1 just wrote. Still don’t forget that this game like all the others is manipulated from persons that do not care how to play the game but how they will destroy it. Do not jump to fast conclusions, first do a little research :wink:.

ok. but it does appear in the official server filter so, my bad.

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why would someone own shuch a ■■■■ server though?

Some kids rent servers so they can play gods, it’s that simple. Most of the times these servers are owned from players that just deny to learn how to play the game and walk God mode all the time . I guess the greatest boss they ever played solo is the corrupted hyena and ofcurce they lost, so pve was difficult and they went pvp. Pvp was again difficult and they rent a server to play God mode and win :wink:. Omg these boys.

these player who buyes servers … some of them just want to have a better time and control what happen in server and provide a playground for their fellow player that they can do a MUCH better job then funcom would ever dream of. And that a fact you can hop on PC and look at most player on and you would see private server being mostly populated because of the fast response time from admin to server

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While what you say is true , it’s not entirely true , some private server owners don’t care about “unknonwn” players and will give advantages to their friend/clanmates . Of course it’s their server their rules but as a player you must choose your server with all aspects in mind :wink:

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@Kanza1and @Dragoonduneman. You are both right, still i take no stand against private servers or admins, all i said (from personal experience from my son’s friends) is that some private servers hides children behind them and this is the reason when you enter in a server like this you witness a chaos. I never said or meant anything more than this. Thank you guys :wink:

An interesting thread. I just wouldn’t waste my money on all that when I can host up to 4 players? On a private pve game with my mates.

I believe these ages do not use their own money, it must be their dads money :wink:. Do you have any idea how much money fortnite or league of legends have made from useless skins the past years?

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