No Names full week test


So the no name event log and no name bases has been around for @ week on officials PS4. And here is what i have summarized from official PVP server…

The raiding has picked up. not just offline raiding, but raiding in general. Not wiping, not griefing, just straight up break in, get as much loot as possible and get out.

Our clan has been raided in a couple of operation posts. And we had people online, just out and about, and by the time we checked the event log they were gone when we figured out where. They got very little, because we do tend to put away our toys if not playing with them. But they get some mats, and killed a few of our fighters.

We have raided a few places. Don’t know if they were on line or not. didn’t care. We saw a poi and decided to try it (after contacting our allies, and confirming it wasn’t theirs…great political intrigue built in there…they could tip off our target if they knew who it was, but didn’t). Once in, we didn’t kill the beds, blew into as much as we could, and looted. Even had 1 member on watch out running along top of base for any returners, because WE DID NOT KNOW IF THEY WERE ONLINE. Before, we could of checked, and if offline we would have had free reign, no stress. Now, we don’t know if they may pop back up mid raid, so we had to stay aware. Tense, and uncomfortable, which should be how raiders feel.

The whole server has been like that. All raiding, no wiping (even T1, just pop door and say hello :slight_smile: ). So far (outside of one ex alpha who bailed during the update, and our alliance has slowly been clearing their claims we know of) has made the game less personal, and more about the game and raid mechanics.


We also caught a small clan raiding one of our outpost, id’d him. we then spent time trying to catch them. found one of there bases by following, blew in, but low and behold none of our stuff. It was actually fun game play to track them down. We have now got a bounty out on there base. Maybe someone will collect, or maybe they won’t . We also have a TOS as opposed to KOS on them (Clan members are not to kill unless spotted or defending their selves, but to track them instead so we can find their base).

The no name thing is annoying as far as being on your own structures.

The event log is useless now, as far as unauthorized inventory access and thrall/pet activity.

Would be nice if it showed the renamed containers rather than the defaulted names.

i agree, could use clan name tweaks. That allows you to see if you have a user in the group… a player who only uses materials, but never contriubtes :slight_smile: . And not have to check if someone in the clan built a new base before you blow into it lol. We literally check if we can open door first on some bases just in case :slight_smile:

Lol, we have this problem in our clan too, blow into a wall and find out you can open the locked chests.

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