Show Raiders Names in Event Log

Your decision to remove raiders names and replace them with “another player” was a truly unfortunate one. Knowing these names would put power balance in the game and stop people from dominating servers. I have seen so much frustration from not knowing who raided that caused people to quit the game.

Please return raiders names to the event log to restore the fun in the game


Solo players can now raid, attack and steal without the fear of a large clan wiping them.

Large clans will now fear multiple smaller clans ganging up on them because there is no way to ensure their innocence.

The balance of power is now back the way it should be…and if you cant defend what you have, you have too much.


Really? I think thats totally the opposite, balance is when ppl have equal rights and power, all I can see Event Log not showing names is a balance thing because everyone gotta use their brains now instead of checking the event log everytime to have a purpouse to attack someone.


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