Loot bag disappeared with Over 100 items

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I have somehow managed to lose over 100 items including flawless armour and legendary weapons.

Opened a box to take all items and said my inventory was full. Next thing you know it drops items on the floor and then disappears.

I worked hard for all this stuff. Nothing in event log to show this either?!?

Server: Official 2119.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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I have had this happen on ps4 inventory full and empty a chest with no place to go not sure if it is a bug or meant to happen.

I am gutted. i lost over 4000 black ice, weapons, legendary armour, crafted flawless armour. all sorts. and i know funcom wont help to get it back.

Hi @Shahbaash, could you please specify the type of container you interacted with, the amount of items already in your inventory before using the take all function and whether you saw a bag drop to the floor and disappear or clip through?
Also, did you verify at a later time if there were any decay enteries in your Event Log?

Unfortunately, we’re unable to assist with the recovery of lost items, followers or resources.

Hi Hugo,

Nothing in the event logs regarding the decay of these items.

It was a cupboard and all items lost. i had space in my inventory. the Bag dropped and disappeared.

Well, if you cant help me - then its pointless mentioning what happened!! Thanks in advance though.

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