Loot bag issue found

Game mode: [Online | Official Server | No Mods]
Problem: [ Bug | Misc]
Region: [US]

Loot bags are sticking around much longer than usual since last patch. Due to this, when you chop up a humanoid near an older loot bag, the “new loot” gets put into an older loot bag. When the older loot bag is clicked on, everything vanishes.

Another issue is when you click on an older loot bag (you can see the loot in them), it vanishes. Maybe a display issue?

You can work around it currently by looting the body before chopping them up.

Side note: Why so much human flesh? 10 per hit, 20 per body I’m having to empty my bags of a 50 stack every 2-3 bodies to make weight.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Use religion item on humanoid near an older loot bag.
  2. Open loot bag to find everything, including “new loot”, vanishes.
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I can confirm this issue. Seems the older bags don’t get an update tick and then the looting activity fires the update happens making the bag and its content despawn.