Loot! loot? realistically?

I can’t help but notice the loot from the thralls are mostly not even worth mentioning.

Can you guys fix it? I mean when I kill an archer the most I can get is an orb or maybe a wooden shield. :smiley:or even some glass and some steel bars.

He was wearing a neat nordheimer armor with an awesome bow and he shoot some arrows which seemed like razors or at least ironheads.
hmmm I wonder if he has only that 1-5 left? Then Why am I carring 200+ with me all the time? his bow is better at killing and has unlimited arrow? And I can’t have it??? WUT??? :smiley:
And where is his armor?

You see? Something is not right here.
needs a fix.

Otherwise I have to capture it, break his/her will for hours mostly. To be managed to place down strip his throusers then kill him because it’s just only a level2-3…

Oh wait… after all this I cannot even get but linen set of normal wares???

No ■■■■■■■ way game… :smiley:

seriously @devs can you make them loot tables to have more sense? :smiley:

The thing is they want us to explore the world and dont want thrall to be loot bags that has everything but rather want the thrall to provide a little something as well as to be there as a thrall taker otherwise you would have murder hobo that would murder constantly to have the best armor without crafting it.


True. Makes sense. Although at least a little consistency would be cool.

I like what they did with archers in the last some patches. If you are too close they grab a 1h melee weapon.
Without a shield! <- that’s important.
Because when I loot an archer he has like a bone shiel some plant fiber and maybe some kind of an orb or sometimes an iron bar or alike… :smiley: No bows (not even a “crude one” not a sword or a mace which kind he/she used… but a shield :smiley:

I do believe the best armors and weapons are only craftable (or lootable from wordbosses/in dungeons) so those low/middle tier stuff the thralls use wouldn’t harm anyone I guess.

It is not a major cornerstone for me, but would be more immersion-full if those lootbags would be at least resembling the stuff they wear and use.

I wouldn’t mind this, so long as we got a “Scrapping Bench” workstation to tear apart the armor that NPCs drop.

I think it would also need gear to be more tiered, so that Nordheimers won’t always drop good armor. Mix in some sub-par armors and regular cloth shirts so that players can’t get a full set of excellent armor from just one kill.

This does loads to improve the immersion of games like Skyrim.

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Agreed on the last part.
And dude you are a genius.
I mean scraping bench is an excellent idea.
I wasn’t sure what am I missing till this point.

Now I know. :smiley:

Yeah Funcom Please Give Us A SCRAPPING BENCH too. Where we can “earn” back some materials of those leftover tools/weapons/armors. Thank you very much.

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