Thralls Inventory

I don’t know what you guys did to the thrall inventory but it’s really messed up. Every time I try to equip a weapon in their main hand it bounces back into their inventory. This used to happen untill the one row of inventory they had was full, which I could just fill up with other weapons, or even stones or something. But now they just keep making new rows in their inventory, (I’m at 17 rows and counting), leaving their main hand and off hand empty and when an enemy comes around they try to go beat on it with their fists. Come on now, I know you didn’t intened for a thrall to have an unlimited inventory like this.

Not a very effective defense and I end up with dead thralls everywhere.

While I’m at it here - Let’s talk Archers.

Archers in this game are just plain useless meat sacks with bows. They don’t fill the role of an Archer at all. Archers throughout history are placed on HIGH walls to rain arrows down upon the enemy from a distance from above. The archers in this game can barely fire from 1 story down. Their agro is the same as a fighter so they can’t be placed any further away than about 20 feet or so which makes them just a fighter with a bow that gets plowed over because they still do minimal damage like an archer does, but have no distance advantage like they should.

Archers were also placed all the way in the back on the battlefield to fire all the way over the infantry into the enemy ranks, but again that is not possible here because they are gimped in range so bad they might as well ditch thier bows and pick up a sword or a spear. Really what is the point of even having Archers in this game except they were in the Conan series, ah, but they could fire from a lot further than 20 feet there now couldn’t they? Valeria was killed by a snake arrow that went like 100 yards or more as I recall. Wouldn’t have been very dramatic if it was only a 20 foot shot though huh?


Sadly, thats absolutely true. Archers are useless and super annoying. I really don’t get the intentions behind CE’s archers…
And while you’re at it, Funcom: set them to attack agressive Mobs like hyenas, crocodiles etc., but don’t let them attack docile ones like babies, deer, bunnies etc.

But make them useful!

Absolutely agree. And earlier in the game archers were more effective. Developers - once again - trying to do better, made worse. First, archers (both tralls and neutral / hostile NPCs) grab a melee weapon (simply because it has a greater damage indicator), even if they can not reach their opponent, instead of shooting arrows. Secondly, tralls very often simply ignore the enemy, even if he is two paces away from them attacking the player or his structure. In general, just “ideal” AI settings, what to say :pensive:?

The second point: the guys from Funcom long and diligently sought to remove weapons from the hands of ALL NPCs, which gave us unarmed tralls-soldiers. Well, i.e. for which they did it - it’s clear: everyone probably saw how some NPCs in exile camps, for example, slurp soup from a bowl with a hand holding a spear, or just chatting, waving arms. It looked stupid, undeniable. But Funcom for some reason did not think that standing slaves without weapons, which they then suddenly get unclear from where, look exactly the same stupid. I, too, used to fill tralls with all the equipment so that the weapons remained “in their hands” (well, at least “glued” to the open palms - it’s better than unarmed fighters in general). In the end, after a long struggle, Funcom deprived us of this opportunity. And since the AI ​​of NPCs in the game, as I wrote above, is simply “genius” :rofl:, the slaves generally “forget” to take weapons from inventory when it comes to fighting.

True true ^^

before I forget:

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maybe they can help you, FC. Lydia did quite a good job with the bow seven years ago.