[PC] Thall cant use weapons

I cant seem to get my Tralls to get to use there weapons when there just in my base i put there weapons in the main main slot but they keep kicking them out of there into there inventory. But when i have them on follow i get them to get tehre weapons out. Has anyone else have this issue and if they do have you fixed and if you did could you tell me please?

This by design. Thralls will keep their weapons sheathed until the are needed. Also if Archers have a melee weapon, they will use them as needed.

i had the same thoughts, however when combat began the weapons in their inventory were indeed equipped as needed. its a little confusing before you see it in action, but it does work.

That helps alot thank you both for making me understand that was the normal thing. I was soo use to seeing them out for a long time been with the game from the start. Thank you so much