[PS4 - Thralls archers] Do these thralls need arrows in their inventory to be useful?

Hello. This question may be silly, but I’m still intrigued. I even built a full set of armor and a bow made of star metal for 4 archers thinking I was making an excellent investment and put them on a wall, but when they saw a nearby enemy, they all stood still. When they finally decided to shoot the damn arrows, they kept using an empty bow… as if trying to play the harp. There was simply no arrow! They might be able to at least shoot the most basic arrow in the game… without any bonus, because when we kill these archers, they do not drop a dart. If so, I think I’ll just kidnap warriors anyway…

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This is what they normally do on PC. So your problem might be a specific PS4 issue. Try this:

  1. Pull those starmetal bows out of thralls inventories into your own.
  2. Load them with Snake arrows, by dropping arrow on the bow tile - when you do this you will see combined weapon (bow and arrow) icon
  3. Return “loaded” bows to thralls and do some testing.

I play on Xbox. I’m certain it’s the same way. I put whatever bow I want them to use. Put one arrow in their inventory, load the bow by clicking the arrow and clicking the bow, then clicking the bow and moving over to the armor area and clicking. This will give the bow to them. Works well for me.

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I’m pretty sure by default the archers don’t need arrows, and by default I mean you don’t change their starting bow. If you give them a new bow (or maybe even if you remove their starting bow and give it back) you’ll need to apply arrows before they can shoot.

That’s my experience on PC anyway.

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Thanks for the recommendation. What is at stake is the functional future (or not) of my archers. Lol. I’ll test that. Thanks for everyone’s participation.

I have my achers on a wall by king rhino. It allows me to farm keys and provide weapons as trade or help lowbies.

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Nice. Do you put them on what floor to keep them safe?

They are up two levels. They can’t be hit by the rhino. There are no stairs as well, so he cannot get up there. I also surround him with spikes.

I put the instructions into practice and finally I saw my archers being useful! Thank you very much.

I see. How many archers you use?

Try to also use the platforms that allow you to put archers in them, like the cauldron but it’s empty.

I worked around having a barrier slightly in front of the thrall so they couldn’t be sniped from range.

Also play on Xbox myself.

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