Losing corruption and dunno why

Within the last week or so I’ve suddenly been unable to keep any corruption. Shortly after gaining some, I start losing corruption out of nowhere (doesn’t matter where I am on the map, etc). I’ll have to run some more testing but any ideas??

Certain armor pieces (from the Warmaker dungeon) and one of the vault sigils automatically cleanse corruption.


sheeeit thanks boi. it’s gotta be a sigil. i wonder which one

found it, it’s the sigil of the outsider. ty again!


My question is why do you wish to maintain corruption that you don’t use at the time?

Did you store a dancer inside your back pocket?

Who said I didn’t wanna use it? I did. I wanted to go FULL CORRUPTION BABY (or whatever… get soul essence n’ shit).

No, I only want named dancers and I haven’t gotten one yet. And once I have them I won’t be storing them in my pocket… if ya know what I mean… (I’ll be storing them somewhere else).

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