Lost all my fragments of power

Server: Official server 8000, Isle of Siptah
Platform: PS5
Clan: Raimon kalat
Character: Juhta-Jussi
Day: 8th of July 2024
Issue: lost all my fragments of power (19)


For a few days there have been some serious issues with the inventory and the tools wheel. The issue has happened to everyone I know so I already assume you know about that. Not sure if it is map or server related.

Today I went to grind a lot of fragments of power with my friend. We spend sweat and tears and I managed to collect 19 of those. For some reason the fragments disappeared from my inventory while I was back at the base distributing my other loot items to different inventories and benches.

First I thought I lost them. After I searched every single possible inventory I realised that this is the same bug that keeps happening with many items. Usually I get the items back later or at least when I log back in. So I tried that too. I log out for an hour or so and then I logged back in just to find out that they are still missing. Again searched every single inventory I can imagine.

I still hope that the fragments are there in some inventory but just invisible. But I am afraid not. This makes me very frustrated and sad since I really put so much effort and game time in it.

Is there anything the devs can do? Maybe check the logs and see where the fragments might have disappeared? Just any help would be awesome.

Kind regards


Do you use any kind of sorting on your inventory? I just recently encountered a bug when anything other than “Unsorted” is active. You drop the wrong item, or you can’t access your wheel.

I’d check the server logs. This is how I’ve found stuff that I swore I had and couldn’t find. Eventually it’s there in the decayed loot because something else dropped instead of the junk I tried to toss.

it wasn’t actually gone…it might be in some of the stations you used. They seem to be entangled with other items and it shows only the icon of the other item, but when dropped, they both are dropped.

Firstly, I feel for you. This new inventory system is trash.

I had a similar issue a few days back and the only thing that resolved it was a server restart.

Thank you for all the replies!

Server reset did not help. Still missing the items. Couldn’t find them in the log because I logged out and back in immediately after this incident and didn’t know I can’t see the log anymore.

Sometimes I use the sortings (mostly heavy first) but I did cycle thru every sorting system to find my fragments.

I have also looked in every bench I have (not that many).

So I still haven’t found the fragments.

I would like the devs to notice this, verify it in the server log and then I dunno like refund me the fragments. This is so bad :frowning_face:

Kind Regards

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You should still be able to see the log. Or at least you can if it’s an actual server. Not sure if it’s possible in single player/co-op since I’ve never tried in that mode.

If you’re on a server (dedicated or hosted), you’ll want to go into the menu (where you log out, recreate character, etc) and pull up the event log. There are sliders in there, as well as checkboxes: set the slider for how many days back to around when you did your farming; I believe the default is for the last week. Then you can uncheck everything except loot (I think that’s the right term) unless you want to see other events as well.

One of the rules of playing on official servers is that there are no refunds! Go to event log, mark only “loot bag”, 3 days and maximize the distance that’s only 1000. You will notice that in your effort to remove putrid meat from your inventory, or whatever else you didn’t want, you accidentally drop the fragments instead :confused:. The bad part is that it ain’t your mistake, because the box indication was on the item you wish to drop, but for some idiotic reason something else dropped and you didn’t noticed it. It’s an annoying bug, so every time you drop something down, check the bag on the floor too. Trust me, you’re not the only one who lost this way, we just don’t care anymore because for 19 fragment we don’t…

But i do respect and miss these days that it was so difficult. Today i’ll jump in your server and i call @LostBrythunian and @erjoh to give 1 gaming hour in Siptah to aid our fellow exile to cover the loss.

Here’s your refund fellow exile

I jumped in your server and like i said, no sweat nor tears because our fellow Grey ones are still broken :confused:.

That’s my psn, send me a message to deliver you the “refund”


The event log is kept in the game database. You can see it no matter the game mode.


When @stelagel calls, Brythunia answers.

This one will be in tomorrow or Saturday.
Where is this one going and what are we doing?

Ah, a power frag farm!
That can be done, this one knows a couple places that are easy prey
Siptah, excellent good.
After job 3 this one may have the energy to jump in tonight.

Server 8000 isn’t appearing for this one, is there a kerfluffle?