Lost Chapters Season 2 - Isle of Siptah [RP-PVP-18+]

Lost Chapters Season 2 - Isle of Siptah [RP-PVP-18+]

Lost Chapters is an immersive experience focusing on Howard’s Conan universe, with additions only meant to expand on his world. The server features a race & class system, allowing you to customize your character in a meaningful way (races include humans, beastfolk, serpent men, and more, classes are your classical warrior/rogue or a more cunning alchemist/mystic, for example). We also feature a unique ritual system, giving mystics the chance to commune with the gods or harness sorcerous power seen in few places.

Summary of our goals & values:

-In a more balanced PVP environment, PVP is our default conflict resolution method, that doesn’t mean it is the only one available

-IC/OOC barriers and anonymity

-Ability to use in-game systems such as thralls/horses without outright banning them

-Use of additional races to add a fantasy element to the narrative, while still rooting them in the Conan mythos

-Clear rules and a mature community

-No applications, only SteamID verification

Server Settings:

  • Text-Based RP Server

  • PvP Allowed

  • No Offline Raiding

  • Gather Rate: 3x

  • Instant Level 60, Starting Kits

  • Max Clan Size: 10

  • Server Slots: 60

Mod List:

  • Pippi

  • Exiles Extreme

  • No Building Placement Restrictions

  • Dungeon Master Tools

  • Slaver Mod

  • Improved Quality of Life

  • Slave Wars Server

  • Stylist Plus

  • No Nameplates

  • Barbaric Barber

  • Akuba Salon

  • RP Aesthetics

  • Northern Timber

  • Better Surges

  • Immersive Armor

  • Dudes Delightful Decorations

  • Ravencrest Couriers

  • Unlockable Containers

  • Lost Chapters Mod