Lost connection to official server 2808

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Lost connection to official server 2808 now cant connect anymore aways get the message: your connection to the host has been lost. I could log into server with out problem.

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Bro I’m having the same issue on 2730.

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It sucks I don’t think we’re getting back And it’s annoying because I’m a have to start over and I was getting established

Well the next day I was able to get back into my server. Sorry to hear if you haven’t gotten back in man. That sucks.

@Gee Are you still unable to connect to 2808? If not, let me know :slight_smile:

I can’t connect to server 2806

@Gomezb Have you update to the latest version of the game? Also, do you receive any error when you attempt to join 2806?

Yes, of course it is updated. All I get is pending connection failure.

@Gomezb Ok cool. I can confirm that the server is operating correctly right now. Please email into help.funcom.com and our tech specialists will be able to assist you with the connection issue.

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