LOST Gear after Crash 13 Jun 2019

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: [North America]

My User ID is TGE_Emperor. I play Conan Exiles on official server North America #3890. I lost a lot of irreplaceable gear because of the game bugs and glitches 13 Jun 2019. Legendary items, and Epic Armor. These are not items I can easily replace. Axe of the Lion, Final Breath of the Red Mother, Dagger of a Thousand Bites, Flawless Turanian Bow, Epic Aquilonian Black Dragon Armor etc. All of this is in the event log of the server. I had it before the server crashed and now it’s gone… the event log says it was in a loot bag… this was not the case… I had these items on my character.

Please advise.

you wont be able to get your items back. it sucks but funcom wont replace what was lost. make sure all valuable items are stored before logging out when possible, ofc

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You don’t understand, I didn’t log off… I was booted by that stupid server crash error… There was nothing I could have done… I never log off with gear on…

@Narelle is still right in what she posted to your topic. I noticed the topic says crash but your explanation says logged off. I can see how she got confused.

Either way Funcom does not monitor nor replace lost items on servers regardless of the way they were lost. Sorry for the bad news.

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