Lost hope to meet people online

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ | Bug | | Misc]
Region: [All]

This issue started over 11 days ago where no servers appear on the server list no matter what i do,things i tried:
Restart ps4/router
Using different internet connection/ps4 accounts
Reinstall the game
Check for new updates
All these were useless and didnt help,im getting desperate here,someone help me plz

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.choose any game mode whatsoever
2.after 10 min wait for servers to show up,you get slapped with"connection lost, you must be connected to playstation network in order to play…"
3.different server options dont change a thing
4.after selecting gamemode for a split second on top left under third box i think,it says"servers:0"

Try replying to Official servers connectivity issues - Feedback thread to let staff know if the issue persists.

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