Lost old account

I had a account around 2004-2005 but I cannot remember my account name and the email I used at that time was a old ISP email, a tw rr com or time warner roadrunner email, but that changed to Brighthouse and then that changed to Spectrum and there is no more tw rr com email that I used back then. I sent in a ticket 2 weeks ago but it sounds like it takes a pretty long time to hear back… One post say its been over year and no reply for the same issue. I guess I am wondering if you no longer have the account name and the email that was used is no longer in service can you get back a old account? From the looks of things I dont think I can.

It works like this. If you cant remember your account name and dont have access to the old email address that would contain that info, there is nothing that can be done.

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