Very old account - can't log in

I played back during the Beta in 2008. I recently found out some friends came back to the game and am interested in getting back to join them. I’d estimate I stopped playing in 2010.

I still have the emails from the early days - Clan of Conan mailers, beta acceptance, even a drinking cape, but I cannot log in to the site using that email and I have no idea what the username was.

Where do I go to get help? Thanks!

Use the email to recover the username, but either way you will need to make a Ticket and explain what you want and customer support will probably ask you for information and ID to prove you are the owner of the account. Don’t be surprised if it takes awhile.

Welcome back, I played back in the olden days too. Was funny you mentioned the mailers and beta acceptance, because someone recently claimed Funcom never sent those :rofl: