Lost online connection no current Fixes

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Server]
Region: [NA]

[Ive been having this problem for the pass two days now. Were i go to play online and no servers populate and the game tells me I’ve (Lost online connection. You must be connected to Xbox Live in order to play online.) I have tried other games which play normally with no problems ive reinstalled the game once and reset my internet none of these have work so far. My Nat type is open so at this point im at a loss.]

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Load Game
2.Pick Play online
3.Pick any category or skip
4.No servers populate Lost online connection

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tengo el mismo problema no me aparece ningun servidor no se puede jugar online por favor ayuda estoy a punto de perder mis progresos en varios servidores mi nat dice abierto y tengo pago la suscripcion xbox live golg y no puedo jugar

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