Lost Recipes & Repair Ability after Drinking Lotus Potion

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Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=
Mods: =MODS=

Bug Description:

Lost Repair Ability & All Recipes

Bug Reproduction:

I am unsure, but I did use a yellow lotus potion - didn’t know what it did until after

Attempts to correct:

quit and restart game

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This forum is confusing, to say the least, but then again, I’m old …

Until I figure a solution, I am completely unable to progress in the game because I can’t repair or create new weapons/armor. Thoughts anyone?

The Yellow Lotus Potion resets all of your knowledge and attribute points. Resetting your character so you can change your build is that potion’s purpose.

It will have returned all of the points you spent, you will have to relearn everything.

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You took the reset potion. It resets your points.

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Hi @hoscheck and welcome to the Conan Exiles community! As Jimbo and Tephra have already pointed out, the Yellow Lotus Potion did what it is intended to do. By that I mean it takes the Attribute and Knowledge points you have already allocated and returns them to you for redistribution. Think of it as a ‘refund’ system of sorts. The reason we have it is as follows.

For Attributes: it is so that we can experiment with different stat allocations, and take out perks useful for our intended task.

For Knowledge: so that points spent on an item we have built can then be used elsewhere. For example, say you spent knowlege points on a furnace or on a chair, and you have already built as many as you need of each item around your base. Now that you already own them, rather than the points just sitting there, it allows you to redistribute them to other knowledge items you may desire. Does that make sense…? Please just let us know if it does not and we can further explain ok hoscheck.

Now for this, simply invest/distribute the Knowledge points back into the weapons, tools and armor you have been using and you will re-gain the ability to repair and to craft those items. Like you did the first time.

Now finally hoscheck, a question.
Q:The report says that you play on Singleplayer mode, is that correct? And if so do you have Admin access? Because if so, as a fellow Singleplayer I can make some recommendations surrounding the Settings to greatly improve the gameplay experience to suit your mode.

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Guys, this ol’fart thanks you. Since my strokes, I don’t have as much going on upstairs so I miss obvious stuff ilke this more than I care to admit. I’ll dive back into the game and redo things. Thanks so much!

Croms_Faithful any suggestions are always welcome!


I am so sorry to hear of you ill health @hoscheck, and I hope that you are recovering and holding up the best you can be given the circumstances.

No need to go facepalming or self-depreciate hoscheck. The game can have a steep learning curve for newer players, many things are not immediately obvious. Even more so again if like myself, Survival games are not your primary genre. Heck, I could copy and paste a post sharing all of my early mistakes and oversights when I was a newcomer, and I would remarkably foolish by comparison.

You are most welcome, and we are always happy to help where we can.

Pause the game (Esc) then go to > ‘Settings’ then to > ‘Server Settings’ and into > ‘General’ > and click on the box titled ‘Make Me Admin’. This will give you the ability customise the game

  • from there go back and into ‘Survival’ > and ensure that the box for ‘Drop Equipment On Death’ is unchecked. You will now no longer drop all of your goodies when you die!
  • now go back again out and down to ‘Building’ > and ensure that '‘Allow Building Anywhere’ and ‘Disable Building Abandonment’ and are both checked. As a result of the prior, you can build anywhere you like, and your base will never decay.

Q: Now sorry to bombard you with a lot of information hoscheck, but have discovered a way to Fast Travel yet?

-Note-> now the final thing hoscheck. The yellow lotus potion is known to be bugged, and is in the process of receiving a complete rework. But it can delete some of your Knowledge feats (not starter ones, but ones you discover while out adventuring). So us regular members encourage newer players not to use it. Instead do one of the following. 1) after you have made yourself Admin (detailed above), go into your Attributes or Knowledge menu and you will see new button have appeared down the bottom; ‘reset all Attributes’ and ‘reset all Feats’ respectively. Just use this method to redistribute points instead, its easier and safer. Or 2) if you would prefer to use potions, let me know and I can tell you how to find a friendly NPC character who will show you how to make alternative potions which are not bugged.

Hope I have not overloaded you there hoscheck. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask ok. :smiley:


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