Lost stability and everything disappeared while playing

Game mode: [ Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ America, Official Server #2500 PvE ]
Hardware: [ Xbox Series X, Xbox Cloud Streaming]

Bug Description:

*I logged into game into base and everything was there and fine. Went out to collect some stuff away from base, came back and everything except thralls were gone. Event log said each item “has lost stability”. Is there anyway to get stuff back?

That to me sounds like an admin wipe. If so, expect to be banned pretty soon.

Ask yourself this, would somebody have reported you for your base being too big, blocking pathways, blocking resources, being laggy, etc…? If so… You reap what you sow.

Nah, pretty sure its a bug from Funcom side. Happened to me too, I dont play conan anymore, but my teammates logged in today and every single base was gone, we were alphas on official #1997 and now we dont have anything. We didn’t had hugh bases to be reported. This is on Funcom for sure. I already stoped playing when funcom ignored the hackers I reported, now all my clan is leaving too.

I had a large base but it wasn’t in the way of anything and I’ve seen much much bigger bases on the map. No paths or resources blocked. If it was an admin wipe guess I’m done with this game.

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Hi @mnky6123

Could you please confirm the server number you experienced this issue?
Also the location of your base and when (date) did this happen?

As stated in our official server rules we are unable to restore any of the lost items.

Thank you for helping us in this investigation.

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The same happened here: Bases dropping with no ban or end of time

However this topic has been closed by Dana. For what reason? I don’t know!

Nothing, Oduda is just guessing… And this thread is NOT closed.

@Dana asked @mnky6123 for location & server number confirmation and mentioned that regardless of the discussion and outcome they almost certainly won’t be able to recover any of the game items.

You will know when the thread is closed because you will not be able to post in it.

The “Bases dropping with no ban or end of time” thread was obviously closed because of childish behavior and OT posts.

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Where was your base? Are you still able to log in after having logged out?
I thought actions like this also lead to bans if it were an admin.

I’ve had my bases all disappear a few months ago, but that was apparently during an accelerated decay timer.

The reason for closing that thread is that you need to reach out to the team over on Zendesk when it comes to account matters.

If the disappearing base is not a result of a suspensions then please make sure you add as much inforamtion as possible in your ticket so that the team can investigate the issue further.

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