Lost whole inventory and gear / horse completely missing after loading in

I logged out in a safe area with no windows and a solid base. I logged in and saw everything in my inventory was gone. Including my level 20 horse, that just disappeared as well.

Checked the event log— wasn’t killed by anything. Tried to summon my “body” back, using the chalk circle (it says “you have no body to return”.

I mean… okay FunCom. you guys have some very serious bugs going on here. But this bug in particular has put me off the game entirely / zero interest in purchasing Battle Pass content.

Because are you kidding me? Lol. All of this content and work I put into having nice things and poof — sorry about your horse, dragonbone armor and any of the items you were carrying.

Screw this crap! I’m out. And I’m not supplying screenshots or videos because I’ve just read 4 other threads reporting the same thing.

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