LostKings Pve Conflict 3X - New Server 02.07! (PC)

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Do you like pvp, but hate when you base get destroyed?

Well why not try our new server!

Atm base raiding is off, but open world pvp is on.
Harvest and xp is 3X and crafting is a bit faster.
Nighttime is short and you got some friendly and relaxed admins!
Max population is 20, but will be increased if needed! No mods.

Server name: [PVE-C] LostKings, 3x Harvest & xp



Still looking for more people!

Good server setup :wink:

If you don’t have any mods, might I suggest Glass Construction & More, Pippi Server Management, Age of Calamitous, Exiled Land Improved, /kits to give players some starting weapons, and a few things?