Love on Gaia: Will it blend?!

(Featuring Molly ‘Wirerat’ Morales, and her love of… well, we’ll see. Agápē in truest form… or is there something greater?)

Thunder crashes mere moments after the flash of lightning. The laboratory is thrown into sharp chiaroscuro for a moment as a tall, silver haired lady works.

The black and white cat watches curiously from a nearby stool as Maxine measures her ingredients with all the precision that she would apply to any horrendously dangerous alchemical concoction or radioactive tincture. One cannot be too careful, even when buttering a tortilla.

She doesn’t want another squidkitty incident. One cat with cephalopod parts is enough.

She gives the cat a glance, frowning. “You certainly understand jealousy,” she suggests to the feline as a line of bioengineered rodents set to shredding cheese and charring peppers on the bunsen burner off in the corner. “That’s why you’re here, instead of with my sister.” She puts an odd emphasis on the word.

The cat returns her glance with a look of wary boredom. Lets out a meow.

“We will see - you will see. I’ll show them all!” Max promises. “We’ll see just how strong their feelings are… when faced with Temptation.” She allows herself a grim grin and snaps her fingers, several transgenic mice scurrying to carry over the bowl of cheese to her directions.

With care that has seen her safely through many an arcane ritual, cheese and peppers are arranged on the crisped up surface. Yes, cheese to catch a rat. And wires to catch a… wire… rat? She can workshop that one.

Of course, this is no ordinary quesadilla. Oh, no no. Just like Molly is no average rat.

And now, the incanta…

Maxine attempts to separate the pages, sodden and running with ink.

The… damn cat!

Who would ever have imagined that giving a cat ink glands would cause such… complications!

“Next time I replace that tail with a lobster claw!” she curses, chasing the dastardly feline out of the laboratory…


Down at ground level, Clarissa lets out a long sigh as they wait for the elevator. Wait, no, that’s the bag she’s carrying - Molly gives it a quick jab with the taser to quiet it down. “You tink somedin’s op?” she asks the taller girl, reaching up to brush some flecks of undefinable organic material off her ponytail.

The mute woman shrugs, making a few quick signs and rolling her eyes expressively.

“Good point,” the shorter girl says. “Bud she’s payin’ de rent por now.”

The elevator rattles open. “Led’s ged something’ to ead,” Molly adds. Clarissa makes an all too familiar face. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Aside from speech, eating was a unique challenge as well for her mangled throat. “Bud we’ll see. I god de idea from a youtube…”

It doesn’t take nearly as long to explain as it does for the rattly wreck of an elevator to reach the lab.

It is just so stupid that it might work!

By the time Maxine returns to the lab, it is all over. The quesadilla plundered- along with the tequila, the blender, and most of the ice.

Curse that cat… and curse that Wire Rat!

What is there is a note from Clarissa’s damned partner.



Maxine’s phone bleeps with a message.