Lovetap legendary item bugged

Game mode: [Online] PVE-C official
Problem: [Inconsistent concussive damage]
Region: [US]

Essentially, a big debate sparked up on my server because people thought that the lovetap item was a joke item meant to be thrown away and that I was misleading people by saying it is actually a very effective tool for knocking out thralls. Where I could knock out Cimmerian berserkers in about 6 heavy hits, others on my server could hit them 40 times before they would be knocked out. This was seen given that I was annoyed enough with the accusation to demonstrate the lovetap’s effectiveness in person. Likewise, I saw the other party have no luck at all with the lovetap. They were specced much deeper into strength they had said, and they had not said what fitting they used on the weapon.

My build was 5 points in strength, with another 5 from the Heavy slaver set for 10 points total and I fit my weapon with the blunted fitting to increase knockout damage. Worked great.

I can only assume some higher tier talent is breaking the lovetap item functionality, or that another type of weapon fitting is breaking the lovetap functionality. The third assumption is perhaps the lovetap is only functional with the blunted fitting?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Have lovetap
  2. Use lovetap with blunted weapon fitting and 10 strength
  3. Lovetap performs as lore-text suggests.
  4. Rest of server calls you a lying troll because it’s broken for them.