New thrall bug (no damage dealt)

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Problem: [ Bug ]
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weird prob last night where a bearer (nar goatfoot) would attack but not do damage, this happened in the jebbal sag an warmaker dungeons as well as while thrall hunting. he would start fighting, do a lil damage then soon after the damage wouuldent register. the workaround was the same as the “thrall not attacking bug”, and happened several times.
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Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.seemed random at beginning of encounter

We’re you far away from the thrall when he was dealing no damage? I know there is a radius where it doesn’t register the thrall doing any damage and then as you get close the damage kicks in.

Hello @jistsomeguy, what was the exact equipments ( mods included ) that the thrall was wearing at the time?

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I’ve had a similar problem on PvE Official #3731 but only with having my named bearer (Fairin of the Wild Coast) NOT USE the LOVETAP truncheon when I want to recruit more thralls.

For the past 2-3 sessions, when I remove his Sword of Crom & replace it with Lovetap in the first inventory slot he will run up to enemies I’ve engaged but NEVER hit them with Lovetap. If I give him back the Sword in any slot, he dishes mayhem just fine.
I’ve removed all his inventory & replaced Lovetap in the first slot, I’ve had him stop following me then refollow, etc. but nothing seems to change his aversion to dealing blunt trauma. I’ve checked the wiki on Lovetap & there are no notes about it not being thrall friendly. He is wearing Godbreaker armor as he has for the past month or so but this non-truncheon use seems recent (since that last patch that also stopped frost giants & Black Keep undead from having goodies?)

The only things I have yet to test are:

  1. I haven’t started the game & given him Lovetap only before following me or engaging NPC;
  2. I haven’t given him a regular steel truncheon;
  3. I haven’t tried the Lovetap with another thrall, maybe my fav hottie fighter, Dalinsia.
    I may try those options tonight & report back - but I suspect it won’t change.

Suggestions from @Hugo would be appreaciated as always.

exceptional silent legion w the new bulked plating mods warmakers hammer w master damage mod / steel truncheon w best mod.

i switched him today w annihilator/teliths sorrow master mods and they worked fine. i couldent when i was out in those dungeons, so i was trippin XD

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nah not that, we was fightin the red mother like that too. he was jist tankin while i busted her cloaca.

@Catspaw Please try removing all weapons from the thrall and having him engage in combat unarmed, then giving him the desired weapon once he’s done fighting.

@jistsomeguy The thrall had both the hammer and the steel truncheon on him? Which weapon was he using during the fight?

nono i know to only give em one at a time. 8]

Thanks @Hugo - I have not tried removing ALL weapons & getting my numpty thrall to engage bare handed for a while before rearming. I will try that if I have the same problem again.
I did a quick run around Asgarath last night but I equipped Fairin with Lovetap only in the first slot BEFORE I tagged him to follow me. He was beating on NPCs like a brat with a tin drum just fine.

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still havin the same prob here, maybe its me? i was under teh impression that “cursed” dont affect thralls, am i wrong? cause the carnage blade was doin the exact same thing on dalnisia as the warmakers hammer. both read cursed in the description and she hits a couple good times then it quickly peters out to no damage. i still killed w her being a tank, and she still kicked azz w the black ice broadsword.

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