Thrall not attacking

hey guys so as the tittle says my main thrall (a named bearer) is not attacking, the weird thing is that it’s only this thrall, I’ve tried removing all the gear making him wait, return home but nothing seems to do the trick, anyone know how to fix this?

Which bearer. Im not having issies with mine. I would suggest resetting them with weapon types.

If I give my captain a truncheon he will attack but sometimes I have to give him a 2 hander instead of a 1 hander in order to refresh his and her memory.

Switch out different weapon types.

eina the light and now that you mention the truncheon thing, I think that may be what trigger the bug because i do remember that she stop attacking after i remove her 2 handed sword and gave her a truncheon to help me knockin a thrall. I’ll try it later hopefully this is the solution, thx for the tip

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Try food as well. I noticed giving them food types on accident stop them from fighting. Try hitting them with something in thier diet

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