Lunas Extra Life Shenanigans, PVP, Silly Guide and more

Its almost Extra Life time and this will be my first.
As I am fairly new at raising money for charity’s, I was not sure what to do apart from tell my friends and hope for the best, then it hit me. Use my silly sense of humour and at least have a laughs whist doing it.

So I give to you Lunas Guide to Tanking, a guide to tanking from the perspective of a very special DPS who has never tanked.

Here is a hint of what is inside:-
Full version is available here:- Linky
Its a PDF on my one drive, so takes a little time to load.

Then I thought, I like PVP but Really suck at it…
Then it Hit me, Come Kill Lunas for Extra Life.
So November the 3rd at 18:00 GMT (14:00EST) Come kill me for Extra Life.

Event will last Four hours, Please use PVP channel for this event.
Held in Shambala, where I will be attempting to discise myself as a remotely competent player.

There will be prizes, random selection from PVP channel at the end of each hour.
Each prize will be:-
One Red container key
One Signet of Laceration
and a couple of Random selected caches from SWL past.

Best things come in Threes, so everyone who donates to my Extra Life page and puts there character name in the comments, enters the draw for One full set of Cyberpunk threads cosmetic Item.

All items from my personal bank space.

So come along, donate to Extra life, Play games and heal kids :slight_smile:

My Extra life page

*edit Had to postpone the event due to family emergency


May I suggest picking another day/timeslot.
Else you will run into conflict with another event: 2018 Samhain Community Contests!
Would be a shame if the official community event sucks all the viewers away from your event. D:

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ah very good point, I shall nock it back by a few hours

You can count on me to be there!!! I might even heal you but shhhh don’t tell anyone.

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9 hours to go until you can Come kill me for Extra Life :slight_smile:

Had to postpone this due to a Family emergency, now happing on 3rd November.
Apologies for the delay.

Event is running now, only 3.5 hours left.
There will be random prizes

PVP event over.

Thankyou for coming along :slight_smile:
The winners where:-

Each got a Red key, a signet of laceration two future chases and either two Haunted ones (2017 Halloween) or 2 Futuretech ones.

Apologies if I spelt any names wrong, have been playing for 14 hours now.

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