[MA] what skills should I max and what nanos should I like into picking up?

Hello again I need some help with skills and Nanos for the material artist profession what skills should I focus on max and keeping up to check skills I should avoid like the plague? and as for Nanos what Nanos I should look into picking up and I mainly want to focus as DPS

Always max sence and agilty. Evades are important. Always max Evade close and dodge. Skip duck exp.
For Meele it’s marital arts and Physic initative
Specials: Brawling
Nanos: To be honest I dont remember, but I dont think that Matter creation is that important since you evade most hits, so if you are low on points, skip MC
Combat: Always max treetment, Put points in Preception when you need it to get better targeting scopes.
Trade and repair: Always max Comp liter.
If you solo alot, Body dev and stammina is also good since you get more hitpoints

I’m sure I have forgotten something but thats pretty much the main skills you should focus on in the beginning

I’m not a frequent player but for MA i use this guide: https://forums-archive.anarchy-online.com/showthread.php?213250-Engelens-MA-Guide