Maelstrom (e)RP PVP Server

CE Server Info
Name of Server: Maelstrom (e)RP PVP Server (FRESH WIPE 01/08/2023)
Age Restrictions: 18+
Location of Server: NA (Dallas) Dedicated Server/70 slots
Max capacity of server: 70
Discord (or other) Server: Discord Server Address: Maelstrom
Is the server pass worded or open? Open
Server IP:
No Password
Server Settings
XP rate: 4x
Gathering Rate: 2x
Day/Night Ratio: 0.5/0.4
Hunger/Thirst settings: 0.3
Drop Equipment on Death: No
God Avatars Enabled: No
Containers Ignore Ownership: No
The Purge Activated: Yes
Peak Play Times: 6:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. EST
Does the Server use Mods? Yes
If yes, Mods List:
❖ Savage Wilds ❖ Pippi ❖ Exiles Extreme ❖ Emberlight ❖ Hosav’s UI ❖ Buttermilk Body ❖ Mod Control ❖Shani’s Stuff ❖ Asghaard Ancient Civilization ❖SvS2 ❖SvS ❖ SvS Permanent Feats ❖ SvS3 ❖ Northern Timber ❖ Beyond Decor ❖ Beyond Decor II ❖ Pythagoras ❖ Nocturnal Warpaints❖ Sand and Stone ❖ Arena Pier ❖ Immersion ❖ WAUS ❖ TDIRP Assets ❖ SH Decoration ❖ Basements ❖ LoD Cosmetics ❖ Thrall Wars ❖ Ravencrest Couriers ❖ Immersive Armors ❖ Nocturnal Warpaints ❖ Fashionist ❖ CAS ❖ Lore Items and Roleplay ❖ Asshuri Treasures ❖High Heels ❖ Barbarian Barber ❖ Barbarian Surgeon ❖ Evil’s Cabinet ❖ Akuba Salon ❖ RA Fantasy ❖ RA ❖ Devious Desires ❖ IQoL ❖ Creature Comforts ❖ Hosav’s UI ❖ LBPR Collision Update Add On ❖ LBPR ❖ Unlock + ❖ Stack Size + ❖Professions ❖ Pythagoras Support Beams ❖ Maho ❖Maelstrom ❖ Maelstrom V2 ❖ MultiChar

Is there an application to join the server? No

Server Information:

We are a 70 slot dedicated NA (Dallas) server [i9 10700K, 64GB, 10GB bandwidth/unlimited traffic]. We run the Savage Wilds map. We have, daily and weekly quests, unique lore, regular events and active admins. We have multiple active modders on our team and we are the official server for the Professions mod. We have admins, lore, storytellers and a website that offers information on those things offered specifically on our server. We have been around since early release and our team has extensive knowledge on multiple facets of the game, including tweaking and balancing server settings to achieve game balance. We are an RP server, but we also have conflict and PvP if the role play is appropriate. You can check out our lore and rules here: Discord is here: Maelstrom.

Lore Information:

We follow and use Howard’s Conan lore while also allowing for additional racial choices (limited to those races available in the Professions mod). We are high fantasy, have functional sorcery and use several mods to add to immersion. In our lore, the additional races have always been a part of Hyboria, so everyone is from the same world and same universe. We offer humans, elves, dwarves, half-orcs, fey-touched, djann, spellscales, aasimar, tiefling, halflings, hobgoblins, wights, risen undead and goblins. Each race has its own lore page with information about each sub-race that accompanies it (such as frost elf, wood elf, dune dwarf, air djann, etc.) The main lore page can be found here. If you want to read up on a specific race, you can visit that race page on the website as well. We provide a map of Hyboria to show where in the main world each race has the largest numbers and a lore section on our website that gives detailed information on each race as well as the history of the world and major events that have taken place. That can be found here and here. We also offer archetypes that you can open up at higher levels. These include vampire, lycanthrope, beast master, battle master, artificer, portal master, imbued soul, lore master, shaman, and necromancer.


MAELSTROM SERVER EVENT FOR JUNE 29th , will begin around 5:00 pm Central Time. The elven maiden Jaeda has been taken, and her family is offering a reward for anyone who can find and return her. There will be clues and witnesses who can give information to assist with where the group may have taken her. The search and rescue will begin on the shores of Tyrenia. You may work as a group or as individuals, the first group to find her and defeat the ones who took her will receive a reward and recognition for their bravery.

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((Come see what’s been released on Maelstrom))

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The council has gathered, but will they be able to abide their own prejudices and hatred long enough to fight a common enemy? Come check it out on Maelstrom.

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The council members eye one another with suspicion. They each know that given a choice, every one of them would choose their own, which is to be expected. Now that the elemental node infusions are underway, things appear to be returning to normal, until the appearance of a new, unknown threat. Once again the council members come together to discuss what is happening within Adalar.

“We believe,” says Vaelari, “that the orcs have been instrumental in the abduction and torture of our members.”

She glares openly at the orc sitting down the table from her.

“You no have proof! We do nothing to you fairies!” Murt growls, as he quickly stands up.

“Sounds to me like this little alliance we have is wearing thin,” says Landis, smirking.

“You would all do well to remember that in Tyrenia there is no violence, and these latest attacks on the elves are clearly not the organized work of the orcs,” says Gaylen.

Murt nods, “SEE!”

“This effort is clearly more organized and well thought out than they are capable of,” Gaylen continues.

Murt slams his fist into the table, “WHAT! We can do! We just not do THIS time!”

Besseth grins at the scene as it plays out before standing to speak.

“You all know this latest threat is not from any of our groups. It’s obvious there is an external threat that has set its sights on us, and the longer we bicker between ourselves, the more advantageous it is for him. We have got to get our people out there gathering information. He clearly knows more about us than we do about him.”

As Besseth finishes speaking, Kai and Doxaphine enter the hall.

“Well said Besseth,” Kai says, walking up to the table, her gaze turning to the elf and the orc who are clearly still angry.

“We all know this is not the work of anyone here, and the accusation by Vaelari, the response by Murt, the clear manipulation by Landis and the undercutting insult by Gaylen are all blatantly political in nature. If you want to squabble over power and rights amongst yourselves while an outsider slips in and undoes all of the progress we have made, then I would invite you to do it elsewhere. I don’t have the time nor the patience for this childish behavior. You all have people who have settled in Adalar, you need to begin using them to help with this situation. You need to assess the strengths of your people and come up with a way they can assist with this problem. If you aren’t part of the solution, then you are part of the problem, and I won’t have you wasting our time.”

Landis scowls at Kai but says nothing. Vaelari mutters quietly to herself as Murt sits back down.

“Now, if everyone is done jockeying for position, can we get onto what really matters? Everyone needs to take stock of their assets and start using those assets to help us get a handle on what is happening. I will expect all of you to get me a list of what duties your assets will be doing to address this threat.”

Come see what’s happening on The Maelstrom!

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Murt storms into the Vanghoul base, slamming the door behind him. His eyes flash red as he glares at the elven slaves, his fist clenched.

“What! You think elf better! We stronger, better at everything. YOU WEAK. YOU SERVE US!”

He grabs one of the elves by the throat and picks her up, her feet kicking as she struggles to breathe. She claws at his hands, unable to get away or catch her breath. Just as the darkness takes her, he drops her to the ground and kicks her aside.

“Get this trash out of my sight if it still has life in it.”

He paces back and forth, mumbling to himself before he strides into the war room. He slams his fist into the table, sending the markers flying.


Jukha quickly enters the room, looking at the scattered markers and the splintered table.

“Murt. What I need do?”

Murt looks at Jukha and points to the table.

“Elf spies on our lands, they speak lies to the Empress, speak of us doing things we not do. They think we not smart enough to see what they do. They saw WE help Atrox, we not help Atrox! Atrox no friend to orcs. Elf lies stop today!”

Jukha nods his head and looks behind him at the other orcs gathered outside the room.

“Elf hunt begins!”

Vaelari steps through the portal to the Elven Covenant faction hall and calls a meeting of all those present. Within minutes, the elven council is seated in the main room, all eyes on their leader.

“The orcs are behind the recent kidnapping and torture of our kind, of this I am certain.
We have spies watching their base, but we have also found their spies watching ours. We have confirmed that the ones who have taken and murdered our women were orcs, and I am sure they are in league with Atrox. We must show them these atrocities will not be tolerated. We must, by any means necessary, weaken their numbers, harm their standing with Adalar and the Empress, and we must send a message that we will not stand by while they kidnap, torture, rape and kill our young women.”

Vaelari pauses, looking out over those gathered. She knows what she demands will be difficult. Over the past 10 years an uneasy truce settled between the elves and the orcs, always tenuous, but it remained in place while the larger threat loomed. Now that the threat appears to be passing, the orcs have resumed their relentless campaign against the elves.

“Take them down, take them out, show them elves will defend our own. If you see them outside of their lands, engage. If you feel you cannot prevail, report their location and their activities to us immediately. This order stands until I personally rescind it.”

The elves nod, somber looks on their faces. Each one clearly understands this means the truce has been broken.

“See that it is done, and report anything you feel important back to your superiors.”

Vaelari stands, nods at her commanders, then leaves the meeting room.

The uneasy truce between the Vanghoul faction and the Elven Covenant has been broken. Elves and Vanghoul are kill or capture on sight until further notice. Want to see how this plays out? Come be part of the story on The Maelstrom.

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The citizen ansibles activate and a baritone voice is heard throughout Adalar:

“You weak and frightened children, cowering under your blankets, trying to hide from the night. Afraid of what you can’t see, afraid of what you can, afraid of what you desire to see, and afraid you never will. Let me introduce these things to you, let me show you the magnificence of the one I serve.

Slowly I will creep under your skin, peeling it off, bit by bit. With each tear you will scream until the pain turns into ecstasy, until there is no skin left. You will embrace what I have embraced, you will server the one I serve, and you will lead the lost to their rightful place. You will let me have you so that I can gift you to the one who will flay from you the useless covering and shell in which you hide.”

The sky goes dark, the wind picks up, and fog rolls across the land. Creatures of all sizes and shapes go limp, collapsing where they stand, only to rise again a few moments later, their eyes glowing, black veins pulsating just beneath their skin. They turn their attention to any living creatures and immediately attack. They are relentless in their attacks, their bodies refusing to quit until they are torn apart. The citizens are accosted in every part of Adalar, from the desert to the highlands to the jungle and even into the frozen north. Panicked residents flee to Tyrenia to seek refuge and answers, but there are no answers available.

Kai looks over the faces of the residents and shakes her head.

“How is this happening?” she asks Doxaphine.

“I will find out Empress,” Doxaphine replies before blinking away.

For days the darkness drags on, with only a few hours of sunlight every couple of days. Kai works feverishly with the council, but they are unable to reverse whatever Atrox has done. After a week of endless night and attacks by plague infested creatures, Doxaphine returns with news.

“Empress, I have no information on the whereabouts of Atrox, but I have secured a reprieve from the darkness and the attacks.”

Kai looks closely at Doxaphine. She learned a long time ago not to ask the how when she comes bearing a solution to a problem. She nods her head and turns her attention to the council.

Want to find out what’s happening in Adalar? Come check out Maelstrom.

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The ansibles activate once more, as the familiar, deep voice is heard again throughout Adalar.

"You petty children, hiding in your play houses, pretending your lives are your own. I have reached out beyond the pale and a response to my plea was sent into my very soul. I know what must be done to open the path. I know what must take place to clear the way. Cower and hide inside if you wish, it will not save you. Only He can save you. This day and for the next 10 days, fire and stars will rain down across the lands, and this fire and these stars will form and grow and wander the lands, preparing the way. Great shaking, terrible and wonderful tearing of the land, and crumbling stone and tree will rend this place until it is ripe and ready. The gate will follow soon, and then all will see the faithful rewarded. Prepare if you think you can.

The ansible crackles and goes silent.

A short time later the voice of Kai is heard,

Citizens of Adalar, it is with great regret that I must warn you that your homes and lands are not safe. Our information has shown us that Atrox is attempting to bring forth materials from the sky to help him gain what he needs to construct a gate through which he hopes to bring something into our world. When we first arrived here out patron deity set up protections to shield Tyrenia from outside threats, but these protections do not extend beyond the island. We will set up temporary lodging for any who wish to seek protection in Tyrenia, and we encourage all who are hearing this message to make their way to Tyrenia as soon as possible. We do not know when or what Atrox is planning, but we have learned that he believes he can open a gate to bring forth the elder gods from beyond the pale, gods and creatures that were previously contained and locked out of our universe. We believe he is still in the early stages of his plan, but we don’t know how he plans on bringing down materials from the stars, and fear for the safety of any not under the protection of Tyrenia.

((What does this mean? It means the server enemy is trying to open a gate to allow dark and evil elder gods and creatures into Adalar, and part of what he needs is materials from space and the surrounding celestial areas just beyond our planet. There will be player structure damage and players will need to make repairs, or pay others to repair for them. The server enemy is ramping up, and of he is successful in opening the gate, that will mean chaotic elder gods now have access to Adalar, and insanity and mayhem will follow. The process to open the gate is a long one, and it requires a physical gate be built, so that is one clue. Atrox is now gathering the materials he needs to build the gate. If he is successful, he will begin to build, which is probably the best time for players to disrupt his work by halting his progress or destroying the gate as he tries to build it. It’s a difficult process and it will take him a while to build it. It also must be built in stages, so if players can locate and destroy or damage the gate before he completes it, it will significantly delay his time table for opening the world to the elder horrors that are clawing at the seams of our reality.))

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The following information is distributed to the citizens of Adalar:

We have learned quite a lot of information from the endeavors of Wu Tai, Dralath and Alydril, and we also suffered a few set backs.

First, Alydril has been taken by Atrox. Given the past actions of Atrox following the capture of elves, we must assume he will begin experimentation on her shortly, if he hasn’t already. We have dispatched our scouts to try to locate her, but there is a reward for any citizen who can locate and rescue her.

Second, it looks as though Wu Tai may not recover from the wounds he suffered at the hands of Atrox. His discovery of the second workshop of Atrox revealed a lot of information that has been invaluable to our investigation. Should he succumb to his injuries, we will be forever grateful for his sacrifice and his deeds will be recorded with the Reconcilers.

Third, it appears as though the goal of Atrox is to open a set of three gates. The first one will is to allow a group of gods from beyond the pale to access Adalar. The second one requires a piece of the first gate and will allow access to a more powerful set of gods. The third gate requires a piece from both the first and second gate and will allow access to the third set, and more powerful gods. Three groups of gods are:

Great Ones:

Hararg, Karkakal, Lobon, Nath-Horthath

Great Old Ones:

He Who Cannot Be Named (We have learned that uttering this name holds the chance of summoning him, and therefore will not name him)
Dagon, Xotli, Cthulu

Outer Gods:

Yog-Sothoth (referenced in the texts as Opener of the Way)
Nyarlathotep (references in the texts as The Crawling Chaos)
Azathoth (the reference in the texts is Him of the Black Gulf, which is obscure, but we believe this is Azathoth)
Shub-N1ggurath (referenced in the texts as The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young) [this word was filtered for some reason]

There appears to be a fourth, final summoning Atrox is attempting, and we have been unable to learn too much about this final summoning. Auppenser. We are still researching the origins of this final god.

Perfection has been traveling to other crystal spheres, and has been gone for many years now. Many new arrivals are unfamiliar with her because of her absence, but she will return soon. She is the goddess of magic, winter, nature and creation. Despite her powers as a deity, she is still limited, as all deities are in travel between the crystal spheres. The farships travel through the phlogiston, and all deities traveling in the phlogiston are cut off from their realms and planes, which means care and diligence must be exercised when anyone, including gods, travel to different crystal spheres. Once she returns, I have no doubt she will have more information and answers for us regarding this threat and Auppenser.

Finally, the war between the factions has ripped apart the cohesion necessary to fight this threat, and given the severity of the consequences of failure should we be unable to prevent Atrox from achieving his goals, I am calling an armistice for all factions. This does not mean you must forgive and forget the wrongs you perceive have been done to you or yours, it just means that all hostilities are to cease until this threat has been addressed. A meeting of the faction leaders will be scheduled shortly to confirm all are in compliance with this armistice.

Furthermore, a list of the faction leaders was also recovered at one of Atrox’s workshops, which means he may be the one fueling these faction disputes. It also means he may have plans on targeting the different faction leaders. Infighting among the factions is only going to give Atrox the victory he seeks. Effective immediately, faction aggression is to cease.

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Atrox completed construction of the first gate and attempted the ritual to summon through the first set of the gods who exist beyond the pale. His attempt was disrupted, but not before the citizens of Adalar got a glimpse of the horrors waiting to invade their world. The destruction that followed the failed attempt has crumbled buildings, killed most of the population, and left those who did survive touched with insanity. How will Adalar return from this latest assault? Come find out on Maelstrom!

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The sand of the desert blows against her already chapped lips. Every breath she takes she can feel the skin separating. She pulls her scarf tighter around her face, the dust and debris stinging her eyes. She doesn’t know how she got separated from the group, but she has been searching for hours for them and has been unable to locate even a trace of where they might have gone. She finally makes it to the river and takes several long gulps, careful not to drink too fast, but also aware of how dangerously close she was to passing out from lack of water. She sits just at the bank and pulls her boots off, dipping her calloused feet into the cool water. She tries to think of where they might have gone. The plan was to head to Tyrenia, to seek an audience with the leadership there, and ask for asylum. Gavin was sure their petition would be accepted, but they all knew they were being hunted and it would be a race to arrive before they were overtaken. Two days ago word had been sent that Tyrenia received their forward correspondence and would send an escort to bring them safely to the city, and that was supposed to happen this morning, but when Kala awoke this morning, there was no sign of the other five members of her group. All gear, supplies, even the campfire was gone. Late in the night she chose to sleep away from the fire, the bugs too great of an annoyance to allow her any sleep. As was her habit, she found a small bush and wrapped herself in her skins before sinking into the bush for the night. That may be the only reason she is not with her group now, but she must continue to search.

She rests only a few moments longer, taking out a piece of hard jerky and chewing on it as she fills her waterskin. She pulls her boots back on to her protesting feet and stands up, looking around for any kind of trail she can follow. She moves down the river toward Tyrenia, her eyes scanning the terrain. It doesn’t take long for her to hear sounds of a scuffle and people shouting. The language she recognizes and she knows her group has been taken by the Landiers. She crouches down behind an outcropping of rock and peers over, trying to get a good count of the numbers. She sees four of her five, bound, nine Landiers, and three others she doesn’t recognize.

“You are in Adalar, you would be wise to follow the rules of the land lest you find yourself on the receiving end of an executioner’s blade!”  shouts one of the three.

Nye laughs and shoves the woman to the ground.

“You would be wise to shut your mouth lest I allow my men to fill it with something you may not appreciate.’

Nye’s men laugh and jostle one another, winking at the woman on the ground.

“I call first go,” says the largest of them.

The woman narrows her eyes and opens her mouth to speak, but her companion shakes his head.

“Not now Ayana, just let it go. They will find us, and you need to be in one piece when they do.”

As Kala debates what action to take, suddenly a swirling, multi-colored oval appears near the group. A large man in what looks like molten armor steps through and is standing before the group. He looks at Nye and nods.

“This is what you have for me then?”

Nye nods and takes a knee,

“Yes, Lord. This is just the first offering.  We will continue to provide you with more.”

The fear in Nye’s voice is obvious and the men all kneel, keeping their eyes on the ground.

“What are you waiting for then? GET THEM THROUGH! I don’t have all day!  Take them to the stronghold, I have other things I must do.  I will meet you there when I am finished.”

The man mutters something in a language Kala doesn’t understand and watches as another glimmering oval of light appears. The man motions toward it, and without hesitation, Nye and his men quickly grab all seven and shove them through, stepping in after them. When the last has made it through, the oval shrinks into nothing and is gone.

Kala leans forward just a bit, trying to get a better look at the person. She loses her balance and grabs the tree next to her. The man tilts his head to one side, lifting his nose into the air and turns to her direction. His gaze travels from the river to the outcropping where Kala is hiding, still holding onto the tree for support. He takes a step in her direction when a baby kappa runs out from behind her and toward the river. He snorts and turns, stepping through the other portal as it closes around him.

Kala stays where she is for several minutes, worried he might return. When she feels it’s safe, she stands and runs toward Tyrenia. She must get word to the city that her group and three of Tyrenia’s own have been taken.

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The man and woman step through the portal and take a moment to gain their composure. A trip of that magnitude is never easy, and there are often residual effects that can make life difficult immediately following the jaunt. She glances at the man, his blue eyes slowly coming into full focus. She tilts her head to one side, closes her eyes and inhales deeply.

“I believe our best bet is to seek out the least advanced here. They are surely the easiest to manipulate.”

The man looks around and nods, taking a few steps toward the water.

“Of course your assessment is correct. We should first, however, find a place to set up that won’t be easily found. We can’t have them finding us before we are able to start the plan. This is not a sprint Kaaress, it is going to take us a while to achieve what we have been tasked to do.”

Kaaress looks at him and sighs.

“Yes, I know this is true. We will be here for a while, and it won’t be an easy stay. We should begin now, while it is still dark, and find a place. What are your thoughts Laaw?”

Laaw looks up and down the river, then closes his eyes for a few minutes, quietly humming to himself.

“If my memory serves me, the least populated areas are generally to the north. Why don’t we start there?”

Kaaress wraps her long hair into a bun and pulls some warm clothing out of her pack.

“If they find us, we know what to tell them, and I doubt most of the inhabitants here will have the understanding or ability to grasp what we tell them. If we are discovered, we must maintain the story of our accidental arrival. For now, let’s head to where the least number of people will be and set ourselves situated.”

“Let’s go then.” replies Laaw as he moves up the river to the landbridge. The two disappear into the dark, heading north.

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Caris runs across the field, the cool breeze feeling good against his cheeks. The work in the pens had been difficult today, the animals uneasy, skittering at every sound, every shadow. He hadn’t seen them this worked up since the upheaval. He knows animals have a better sense of things to come, so he has learned to trust their behavior, but after 10 hours working in the pens, he was happy to be away. He promised his brother he would be back quickly, just running out to grab a bucket of snow to use later in the evening. He leaves the green grass and feels the crunch of snow beneath his feet. He slows his pace just a bit, careful not to slip as he nears the ice on the side of the river. The sun is nearly gone, and the night sky will soon be the only light available. He reaches down to one of the small mounds of snow and begins to scoop it up and put it into the bucket. He hears a twig snap behind him and turns, expecting to see a wolf, or maybe even a bear. His scream cut off by the gurgling of blood as it spews out of the gash in his throat. One last look at the creature tells Caris that his fate is not to die here, his fate is much worse.

The hunt is on with rewards offered for those who find and kill the creature and return to Tyrenia with proof of the kill.

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Dane moves the camels into position and motions for Mal to bring the elephants over. He checks the carts once more before he blows into his whistle.

“Time’s nearly here! We need to get rolling!” he shouts.

A few minutes later several individuals gather around the animals, some clearly just having woken up.

“We have a long road ahead of us. I know it’s early, and I know some of you wanted to get a little more sleep, but Adalar is a big place and we have a lot of ground to cover. There are opportunities aplenty if we just take the time to establish ourselves and make our presence known. The early days of the caravan will be dangerous, we will need to take precautions against the wildlife, the weather, and those that would assault us and steal our goods. Once we have some coin in our pockets, we can look to hiring sellswords from The Wistful Jackals, but for now, we have to rely upon ourselves to get this started.”

The group of merchants look around at one another before one quietly steps forward.

“This sounds a lot more dangerous now than it did when you pitched it to us a couple of weeks ago. We are merchants, we aren’t warriors, or soldiers. How do we know we will be able to protect ourselves and our merchandise?”

Dane nods his head and scratches his long beard, his dwarven features taking on a more serious look.

“Yes, yes that’s true, I did paint a prettier picture when I pulled you all in, but that was my vision of what we can have, once we get ourselves established. I have called in a few of my family and brethren to help with defense while we travel, and we will need to pull ourselves up and stand on our own two feet until we can make a name for ourselves. I believe we can do it, and you do too, or you wouldn’t have come. Most of the trip will probably be uneventful, there are just a few areas of concern.”

He pulls out a map of Adalar and unrolls it on the wooden table, pointing to the starting point and tracing the route they will take.

“This is the best route for us to travel, and I think it is also the safest. It’ll take us by many of the guildhalls as well as a few larger settlements, and I think we’ll make enough on our first circuit to pay for better protection next time.”

Dane rolls up the map and slips it into a case then hangs it on his belt.

“So, what do ya say? I say let’s go make some coin!”

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Hazel shudders as the wind blows through her thin clothing. She never planned on leaving Thelanis, but when she received the message from Queen Vasantsenna she had little choice but to do as instructed. The information she received was minimal, but it was concerning enough to have the Autumn Court recall her for service. She perches on the tall tree and looks out over the quiet landscape, the brightly colored trees of the fae lands a stark contrast to the bleak colors of Adalar. She has no love of Adalar, but the pattern magic used before her clearly show that someone from Thelanis traveled to this location within the last two days. The fact that a fae traveled from Thelanis to Adalar was nothing too out of the ordinary, but the use of pattern magic to do so raised the alarms and put all of Thelanis at risk. Pattern magic is restricted and none are permitted to use it without express authorization from King Oberon or Queen Tatiana. She takes a deep breath and leaps into the air, her wings cushioning her descent. She lands lithely on the ground, tosses her pack over her shoulder, and begins her journey into the lands of Adalar.

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Maelstrom has added more than 30 different spells to the mystic class, introduced multiple racial options and we are in the process of a professions revamp that will open up advanced specializations for each class currently available. Come see what’s happening on Maelstrom!

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Baeza tugs at her braids, as usual, her handmaid pulled them too tight and now her head is starting to hurt. She looks in the mirror in front of her, squinting her eyes a bit. She has never been happy with the appearance bestowed on her by her parents, or the god that cursed her. Her yellow glowing eyes and fangs are getting harder and harder to hide, hence the braids Yesa piles on top of her head. She stands up and straightens her gown, gives one last look in the mirror, then heads out the door.

She can hear the music and laughter as she makes her way down the narrow hall. The darkness isn’t a problem for her given her ability to see in the dark, but she is nervous about who might be present. She needs desperately to convince at least one of them to assist her in her quest to stop her transformation, but every attempt she has made in the past has been met with resistance. Nobody wants to interfere with something that may be the work of a god. Her hand shakes as she pushes open the door. The bright light and loud music stuns her for a moment as she adjusts her vision from the dark hallway to the bright room. She blinks several times, looking around her as the forms shape into people. She steps fully into the room, trying to size up those around her. She can see a couple of tieflings, but she doubts they will be sympathetic to her cause. Her eyes scan the room, dwarves, elves, dark elves, a few djann, even a half-orc have all turned out for this event. Finally her gaze finds the creature she thinks will be most likely to hear her out. The tall, golden skinned Aasimar is leaning against the back wall, watching everything happening around him. His eyes meet hers and he nods. She approaches him, going over what she will say in her head. Maybe this time she will be successful in her attempts to stop the changes that move her farther and farther away from humanity.

Maelstrom awaits all those who seek adventure

Hazel looks through her journal, studying all of the information her investigation has uncovered, as well as the reports from the locals. She believes she has discovered the whereabouts of the fae she is hunting. She crouches down, her boots making almost no sound on the soft ground, and studies the prints. There are several of them, all of similar size and shape, some appearing older than others. This is an area where someone has set up camp and comes and goes regularly. She looks over her shoulder when she hears the twig snap behind her.

“They sent you then?” asks the familiar voice.

“Aye, Chryus, you knew they would,” replies Hazel.

Chryus reaches down and offers her hand to Hazel.

“Well, let’s talk then shall we? There are some things that don’t add up and I could use your help.”

Hazel takes her hand and pulls herself up. Chryus has always been fairly reasonable and she obviously wasn’t trying to hide her presence.

“Sure, let’s talk.”

The two sit down inside Chryus’ tent and Hazel listens as Chryus explains all that she has learned since her arrival in Adalar. Some of the information is new to Hazel, most is not. The reports of the corruption seeping into Tuatha de Danann were cause for alarm to both courts, given that nothing has been able to impact the fae realm since the beginning. The fact that King Zeno has learned more of the cause than her own court was a surprise, but his choice to hide that knowledge from the others was not. After hearing all that Chryus has to say, Hazel knows she must report back to her queen right away, but there is not enough information yet to share other than the fact that she has located Chryus and her trip to Adalar was directly tied to the corruption infecting their home.

“Alright, we need to work this together,” says Hazel. “No more secrets, no more hiding, and no more pattern magic. You know that is punishable by destruction.  I understand the urgency, but this could have waited until the next new moon.”

Chryus nods “I agree. I have some ideas about where we should begin, but something odd is happening.  I can’t travel to several of the locations where the corruption signature is strong. I believe whatever is here is warding against us.”

“Which means,” Hazel continues, “they know we are looking into it.”

Chryus nods and flips open a book of maps, “Here, here and here,” she says, pointing to different locations on the map of Adalar. “I can’t see inside or physically travel there to see for myself what is going on.”

“I think we may have to rely on the locals to help with that. Let me see if I can get some help in Tyrenia.  You keep digging, let me know if you discover other areas where we are blocked.”

Chryus nods and stands up, “Ok, I will keep looking and wait to hear from you.”

Hazel stands and narrows her eyes, “For now I will ignore the fact that King Zeno kept this to himself. However, the Seelie and Unseelie Courts have already sent their pages here to establish a working area for us. It won’t stay quiet for long.”

“I understand,” replies Chryus. He will do what he will do. He is the king, and I am just a tracker.

The two part ways, each thinking about their own set of tasks and how they will approach their superiors with this new information.

Oleander summons the witnesses and speaks to them, anger flashing in his eyes as he listens to the account of the woman who came to their protected area and assaulted Taesa. Mortals never cease to amaze him. Taesa glares at the servants standing next to Oleander.

“I know it took a great deal of restraint on your part not to kill her on the spot Taesa. Although none of us here would have blamed you for that, I do appreciate the fact that you understood the far reaching implications that it would have caused for us while we are here.”

Oleander waves his hand at the female next to him and nods over to the platform where Cadence has set up.

“Go tell Cadence we have a problem, and it needs to be addressed quickly.”

The woman nods and quickly leaves the area. She returns with a message,

“You know full well where I am, so feel free to come to me if you seek my input.”

Oleander snarls and stands up, striding over to the Seelie Court area. He is gone for only a few minutes before he returns and motions for Taesa. Together they walk over to where Cadence is sitting, and after several minutes of discussion, they both return.

“She will agree to a formal complaint being filed with Tyrenia against this person.  We have also both agreed to refuse access to our area until we are satisfied that this wrong has been corrected and proper punishment has been handed out.”

Oleander hands a rolled parchment to the woman,

“This goes to Tyrenia today. Also, to the rest of the fae in Adalar, Maevis Winterborn is hereby restricted from access to any fae or fae abodes.  She cannot benefit from anything that comes from our hand or our magics.  Furthermore, I will handle the retributive curse that will be delivered to her.  We will inform Tyrenia that there is a path to having the curse removed, but it must be handled on our terms, and no mortal magic will be powerful enough to remove it. This woman must seek to remedy this egregious insult and assault.  To this end, Hazel will be authorized to speak to her about a possible path to resolution in one week’s time.”

Taesa huffs and rolls her eyes.

“I didn’t say the curse would be lifted in one week’s time. I said Hazel can speak to her in one week’s time, and give her the first task she must complete to begin her journey to remove the curse. This is no fast or easy curse to lift, she will have to work to have it removed.”

Oleander gathers his components and retreats into his quarters for the night.

Kaaress looks to Laaw and shakes her head, a scowl forming on her face.

“This isn’t how this was supposed to turn out Laaw. We have a purpose here, a reason to be here, and it isn’t this, whatever this is that you are doing now.”

A sly smile crosses Laaw’s face as he pulls out a stone from his pouch.

“We have been given new directives Kaaress.  The original plan is still in place, but it has been...well...expanded, to include a few other things.  It’s no different than the last several times we were sent to do this very thing.  I know you don’t like to stray from the directives, but look, here it is, straight from the Progenitors themselves, we have to complete these things while we are here.”

Kaaress leans forward and takes the stone, activating it and watching as the message plays out. When it finishes she hands the stone back to Laaw.

“Very well, it seems like this is all as it should be. I will increase my presence in Tyrenia, and we will expand upon our initial goal.  This will greatly expand our time spent here, and it is likely that neither of us, in our current forms, will see the end.”

Laaw nods, “I will head to the north and begin preparing there. You handle things here, and try to get the women you have met on board as well.”

Laaw pulls his pack out and leaves the building as Kaaress begins to plan for the next stage of their plan.