Khultan - A pvp/pve RP server - LVL 300/Pippi/EEWA/custom lore races x2 XP and Harvesting

Exile, for yes that is what you are an exile from your home. Forced out by the hands of Thoth Amon and his schemes, whether you were once a noble prince or a common thief none of that matters now, for now you find yourself caught in another one of the mad sorcerer’s plots. Let to rot out in this strange land, a land once ruled over by the giant kings.

Ancient beings of great magical power whom built the walls that keep you, the barer of the bracelets within it’s walls. Whom created the races of the voidlings and other great and powerful forces that roam these lands. By taping into the veil the terrible source of all magic, they construct this prison and Thoth Amon sends more of your kind to it by the day… What kind of plans he has for you, is yet to be seen but know this Exile. Your every action is being watched and accounted for by those whom can come and go freely from this land.

And that great green wall? It is a scar in the veil, it seeps the corrupting influence of that other realm into ours. Know this Exile, the dangers of sorcery are known to the outside world. And growing up you’ve no doubt heard tales of demons, spirits, and other creatures coming from this other realm, and their dark powers corrupting those who practice the arts. However don’t merely think that it’s only the dark practices of witches and warlocks you need to fear, but even the holy magics of your priests. For all that power, from the holiest of healing magics to the darkest of curses all come from the Veil, and all have a chance to break the veil allowing the dark creatures to invade our world, and no place is this more clear then here Exile.

And it is these cracks, these breaks in the veil that see our other worldly invaders come to assault our homes, and camps. Avatars of your gods created from the over flowing magical energies seeping forth from these cracks, are summoned and used by the numerous warring tribes here that fight to claim the resources, and lost knowledge of the Giant Kings. For their ancient magics and knowledge still rest in that large ruined city.
However there is safety to found in the city of Kultana, here all tribes and peoples can be found living together, from you humans to the proud Ruku children of the Giant King’s great knowledge, or the star-children of the Alvan tribes. We have prepared a guide to these races for you to read over Exile, come to know it. You’ll find it of great use when interacting with those trying to conquer and make kingdoms and empires of this land.

And one last thing before you go, know this the veil is weakest here, and any sorcerer risks his life with every spell he casts, but not just his own but yours as well Exile. For should too much power be used a sorcerer breaks the veil, and if this event does not drive him mad or kill him, the creatures and demons that will flood the plane for the veil break surely well, these breaks are not permanent and the world heals over time. After all the veil wants to remain closed to us, it wants to keep us out, for it and yes the veil itself is very much alive, wants to keep us from learning it’s secrets. Secrets, the giant kings discovered, and which no doubt Thoth Amon desires…

So Exile, what will those whom call these lands home come to say about you…Be you hero or villain?

Server Info:
Name: Khultan

Server Freatures:
x2 Xp rates
x2 Harvesting
350 Levels
Custom races and start
Quests and custom dungeons
Player ran kingdoms
Pvp arena with pippi currency prizes
Helpful and active admins.

Server Mods:

Improved Quality Of Life
Barbarian Barber
RA: Fantasy Extension
RA: Character Customisation
Immersive Armor
Dungeon Master Tools
Thrall Wars
Exiles Extreme
Stygian Building Kit
Northern Timber
Arena Pier
Dude’s Delightful Decorations
Endgame Extended Weapon Arsenal
Kerozards Paragon Leveling - A Multigun Refresh
Less Building Placement Restrictions
Unlock plus (with pickup)

Please let me know if the Discord link fails to work, and I will have it updated swiftly.

SIptah will be added once Map Transfers are in.

Khultan invites anyone looking for good rp, and a well crafted world set within the conan universe to join us!

One of Khultan’s custom faction based dungeons, The Crusader’s Keep! Come explore it’s mysteries and find out terrible truths about the holy mitran crusaders of the Veil Guard.

Now with a new Prestiage system, and overhaul to our kingdom systems. We will be proud to announce the arrival of pvp and jousting tournaments coming with great prizes, as well as a in character way to boost your rep on the server!