Savage Wilds & Isle of Siptah RP-PVP server: Black Circle

We are comprised of Savage Wilds, Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands. Your characters are able to travel between all three servers using the ingenuous Amunet Server Transfer mod.

Black Circle
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News of the Isle of Siptah reaches the settlers on the no longer lost continent of Kemet, as it is called by the Stygians.

With the defeat of the Old One that menaced the Isle of Siptah and the lessening of the eldritch storms that beset the Isle the might of Stygia has returned in full force. King Ctesphon has backed multiple expeditions though his reasoning for doing so is obscure. Some claim he wants to reestablish New Luxur. Others that he merely seeks to discover the secrets that caused it to fall. Others whisper that he is influenced by sorcerers of the Black Ring who seek to use him to advance their own sorcerous plots, for the Isle of Siptah remains a place rich in magical power and artifacts of the arcane.

The longstanding outpost of Sekhset, after having been badly damaged in a series of earthquakes, has been abandoned, anything left of value having been pillaged. Ankhmanet, The High Priestess of Derketo who had, for a time, held out even after the Priesthood of Set had decamped finally acknowledged defeat and destroyed what remained of the Temple of Derketo herself that it not be defiled by scavengers. The priests of Set had earlier done the same.

The Kingdom of Argos has also stepped up its own operations on the Isle. The swift reprisal for the death of its governor at the hands of a group of dissidents has seen an influx of soldiers and mercenaries in the pay of the King of Argos as they seek to strengthen their foothold on the Isle in the outpost of Myzantus. A new governor has not yet been selected and there is a great deal of speculation as to who will eventually be awarded the position.

After having been attacked and pillaged by pirates the Khitian outpost of Xinyang appears to have been abandoned, the Yellow Priests of Yun melting away to… no one knows where.

Yasmela’s Pride, much like Myzantus, has seen an influx of craftsmen, treasure hunters, and the mercenaries to protect both them and its growing assets. The tiny kingdom of Khoraja, at the behest of Queen Yasmela, has awarded The Silver Company contracts for exploration and, importantly, trading opportunities on Kemet. Word has indeed traveled back to the Old World of the lost continent. And while Stygia has thrown the bulk of its efforts at regaining control of the Isle of Siptah, the enterprising Khorajans have fixed their sights on Kemet while strengthening their position on the Isle as their link to the Old World. Word is that there are many opportunities to be had in the Silver Company, both on the Isle and as part of its new enterprise on Kemet.

With the addition of the gorgeous Savage Wilds to our server as well as the updates to FC’s Isle of Siptah the focus has shifted towards settlers and explorers of the Savage Wilds (known as the “lost continent” of Kemet) with the Isle of Siptah being more of an adventure zone. We use Amunet’s Server Transfer to allow your characters to “take ship” between the Isle of Siptah and Savage Wilds with the in charater travel time being roughly three days, assuming good weather.

With this addition characters can have many different backgrounds. Gone are the days of, “You’re an exile!” as your only option. In our server story The Exiled Lands definitely exist and many characters have spent time there, leaving either by discovering the key to their bracelet or having been swept up by the storm and dropped on the Isle of Siptah when that was still happening with the wild surges that are no more. Characters having arrived via storm are assumed to have been on the Isle of Siptah for some months. Of course sailing near the Isle of Siptah is still treacherous and many characters have been shipwrecked there to start, whether bound towards the exiled lands as a captive or by more conventional means such as being a part of a crew or passenger of a ship that had been blown off course and sunk on the Isle.

Update: We have also added the good old Exiled Lands to our server line up. However, for us, it is NOT “the exiled lands” at all but will be a server story zone for special location builds and dungeons, most often representing locations in “the Old World” but we’re also open to helping YOU develop your own adventures as well. Just DM a staff member with your idea and if it’s feasible we’ll work with you to make it happen! Outside of these special events you can still travel to the EL via server transfer and use it as an OOC farming zone or just for the fun of just playing the game and doing the dungeons and world bosses you already know and love. This way you can still make use of the things you get. No building EXCEPT for small craft halls. This server is subject to wipes if needed and if your craft hall happens to be in a place we need for an event you’ll be expected to move. BUT we’ll always give you a heads up so you have time to get your stuff!

Backgrounds from the known world map of the Hyborian Age are absolutely open and your character may have arrived from virtually anywhere, either by design or disaster. It’s up to you! Why do you stay here if your character can go anywhere and isn’t trapped or imprisoned? That’s up to you! Are they a treasure hunting adventurer? A mercenary in the pay of the Silver Company or another group? Are they looking to found a community or even a kingdom in the new world, free of the tyranny of their place of origin? The possibilities are virtually limitless.

Or, if you’d like, your character could have originated in the Savage Wilds.
There are five main races with a large presence on SW. I have given each one a name they call the Savage Wilds.

Nordheimers: (Aesir & Vanir): Gladsheim (bright home)
Cimmerians: Alanais (possibly “The Bog” or “Wet Place”)
Stygians: Kemet (black/fertile lands)
Hyperborians: Vanhanen (old)
Hyrkanian: Morolon (many horses) (made up word combining Mor: horse and Olon: many)
Lemurian: No one knows what the Lemurians call their home.(edited)

Of these areas only the Stygians of Murun and the Cimmerians of Culann/The Last Refuge are non-hostile. These are the races that have been on the lost continent the longest and would, by now, be considered “native.” All other races are assumed to be more recent arrivals, generally by shipwreck though some MAY have been here a couple of generations or so by now. You can best judge by the areas they live in and how built up they are.

If you chose to have your character be of any race but those in the list are considered to be recent arrivals with a history/origin in the Known World.

Of the established native races…

The Vanir and Aesir of Gladsheim are much like those of the Known World. However, their numbers being smaller there have been times they have needed to band together to face various threats (probably mostly the Hyperboreans) and there has been more interbreeding between them. They still raid each other and there are plenty of feuds but there are less differences between them than the Aesir and Vanir of the Known World. They have a rich tradition of their original homelands and still worship the same gods as their Known World ancestors.

The Cimmerians are as grim and dour as any in the Known World. Not much given to wandering save to raid the Nordheimers. Although Crom is their chief god just as in the Known World, these Cimmerians are primarily worshippers of The Morrigan and her various incarnations. If they can be said to truly enjoy anything, it is battle. Fatalists, there is little yearning for their old home and they do not think they are missing anything.(edited)

The Hyrkanians are, unsurprisingly, a proud horse people, known for their horsemanship and their archery. They hunt both for sustenance and sport and maintain mews as hunting with hawks and even eagles is a fond pastime. Though a tough people they are lighter hearted than many of the other folk of the continent and love to hold large gatherings and celebrations. They view “outsiders” with a more friendly eye as they see them as new opportunities for trade. Yet they are still fiercely protective of their own homes and only tend to be welcoming when they have planned for a celebration.

The Lemurians remain an enigma. Inscrutable, secretive, next to nothing is known of them.

The Hyperboreans of the snowy North are barbaric and do not bear a great resemblance to their Known World counterparts outside of their looks. They seem to be wholly devoted to Loughi and have forgotten Bori entirely. They raid other people and viciously defend their own homes and are a cruel and brutish race for the most part. This does not mean they are unintelligent, merely that they have become corrupt and utterly predatory.

Lastly, there are the Stygians of Murun who refer to the lost continent as Kemet. Considering that they have been cut off from Stygia for several generations there are some differences between them and the Stygians of the Known World. For starters, they are primarily the descendants of the laborers and slaves and merchants that originally settled here. The few nobles and upper classes that ruled over them largely died off after they were cut off from the regular supplies of civilization. Indeed, there are tales of a slave revolt at one point.

The vast majority of the Stygians present in Murun being commoners, Derketo was a beloved and prominent goddess. Although Set is worshiped with a good deal of veneration and awe, His altar does not run red with the constant sacrifice of innocents. Enemies of the city and condemned criminals are typically sacrificed to him however. Rapists though, go to the altar of Derketo for the crime of perverting Her gifts of pleasure. Although still worshiped separately, they are held in near equal veneration.

The people of Murun, while they have a strong racial and cultural identity, have no desire to be ruled over by Stygia ever again. Not as xenophobic as their Known World kin, they still retain a sense of superiority and separateness even though they permit other races to enter Murun.

So if you’re tired of the same old “exiles” background, love your RE Howard lore, and yearn for a truly fresh experience of the game, grounded in storytelling and with a deep love of the genre and source material, we invite you to come give us a try!

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sounds nice sad its in USA…

I’m interested, but I’ve no idea how to apply to join. I see references to a Discord, but no links. Help?

Oh geez what an awful oversight! See our full ad at

The discord link is there.

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We have EU players and a couple of Aussies as well. Your performance might not be optimal but I’ve played on several EU servers without too much of a problem.

after ocean my ping is ± 400 ;c

Ouch! Much sadness! Well do look around the CE RP website in general as there are quite a few servers to choose from! Here’s hoping one will work out for you!

We will be officially opening Oct. 23rd but our discord is open now so that people may get their character apps in.

We have survived the Modpocalypse of 2020 imposed on us by Funcom’s latest Update and are ready to go full steam ahead! Our modlist is back completely with the exception of IQoL which is undergoing a sure to be awesome overhaul that will be worth the wait! We have friendly players and admins that will be happy to help you out as you dive in. Come check us out!

We are growing steadily and I am continually delighted with the quality of our wonderful roleplayers. Our creative staff keeps things fresh and are helping to create some great stories. Please feel free to come check us out!

Siptah is a challenge with all the changes going on and being in EA but, nevertheless, it remains a beautiful and fun map to play on when you have awesome RPers! Come check us out if you’re interested in a very Howardian experience!

I have been enjoying playing on this server for a month now, since it’s opening. Such a fresh experience on this stunningly beautiful isle, rich and tense story and awesome mature community. Come and try!

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We have some exciting opportunities for players who are interested in becoming leaders with their characters on the Isle. Vibrant outposts have been created that are in need of prominent characters with creative writers who can add their own touches to our evolving server story. So, let me explain…

Sekhset of Stygia needs priests and priestesses of Set and Derketo who will actually generate RP within the outpost itself. Members of the Black Ring are also desirable. Nearly all of these will requite vetting for magic as both tend to use sorcery. The highest member of the Black Ring in Sekhset is Rathotep and you’d definitely be dealing with him as a superior. We do not yet have the high priests/priestesses of Set and Derketo and I would love to see these filled by players. But also needed are slavers and various functionaries that make a place like the outpost run. Merchants and tavern keepers as well should people wish to play them.

Yasmela’s Pride of Khoraja is in need of the Master of the Silver Company that ultimately controls the outpost. Also needed are the leaders of both the Kozaki mercenaries and the Free Company mercenaries as well as members of each. Again, characters such as merchants, barkeeps, smiths and armorers and entertainers are all also desirable. Not to mention ship captains and sailors!

Xìnyǎng [Faith] of Khitai is for you all you gorgeous Khitains! We need the head of the priesthood of Yun as well as a captain of the guard to protect them. Other guards and priests or priestesses are also desirable. Alchemist and herbalists are integral to what they do there considering their expertise with growing and creating hybrid lotus. Magic apps are probable, especially within the priesthood.

Myzantus of Argos definitely needs its governor. A captain of the guard, guards, and even some adventurous Argossean nobles who have come to the Isle for adventure and riches, second sons looking to make a name for themselves, wilder daughters who prefer not to be sold off in an arranged marriage and have run away from home, etc. Ship captains and sailors as well.

So, these are great opportunities for alts or even main characters and I will be opening this up via our ad as well but those of you already here get first crack. Know going in that we’ll be working with you to craft characters that fit the setting but once that’s done you will be on your own to develop RP and play your characters as you will. Now, some questions I know will come up…

Q: How will this work since we can’t build within the outposts themselves?
A: We have a very small landclaim radius. Characters associated with the outposts will be expected to build close to them and in materials that complement those already used in the outposts. In other words, you’ll still be building your own homes to your own liking.

Q: How do clans work with this or is everyone solo?
A: The first person to accept such a role becomes the OOC leader of the clan which will bear the name of the outpost it is associated with.

Q: Why would I want to grind mats again to build something for this?
A: Because as a reward for taking on a character that is meant to help provide RP for the server at large you get some perks.

Q: What kind of perks?
A: Although you will be held to the regular tile count and thrall/pet/mount limits as everyone else, you will be provided with T3 build mats that should roughly equal the tile limits as well as 1 named bench thrall of your choice, a horse and greater pet of your choice, and 1 placeable named thrall of your choice. After all, ICly some of these characters will have been present on the Isle for some time or, at the very least, will have the resources of the outpost they are part of at their disposal. What’s not to love?

So, if you are now interested, DM me in discord at Alexandria#3035 with any questions you may have. This is an opportunity to play an important part on a server where the story comes first.

As we wait for Funcom’s changes to the IoS to take place we’re still having fun and progressing stories. As a wipe once the revamp of the Isle goes through is likely inevitable, for those who have been active on the server we will be handing out build and gear kits, insta- leveling, and even handing out some thralls so you can get back up to speed quickly. So now is a great time to join us and establish your character on a server that strives to create an atmosphere as close to that created by Robert E. Howard as possible! Feel free to join our discord and check us out!

Fantastic RP server so far! Great, friendly environment, and solid lore commitment!

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Just a quick update! We’ve added a server to Black Circle which will be running the amazing modded map called Savage Wilds!

I was lucky enough to be among the alpha testers for this map and let me tell you, it’s incredible! You can see my review here:

Our server story continues as today we open our second server for Savage Wilds. The intrepid survivors of the Isle of Siptah, after having vanquished the dread “sky kracken” have discovered a map to a “lost continent” among the crumbling scrolls in the now open black tower at the center of the Isle. Adventure awaits.

Will you stay on the Isle and continue to reap its riches, building perhaps your own maritime empire? Or will the lure of a mysterious new world, long cut off from the known world, be too much to resist? Will you travel between them and enjoy the best of both worlds?

We’d love to help you find out!

Black Circle-Our Story So Far…

We began with Isle of Siptah as soon as it was released. Players were invited to continue their existing characters from various Exiled Lands servers. Either they could have escaped by assembling the items necessary to remove their bracelet and then have wound up on Siptah via a shipwreck or they may have been swept up by a freak storm in the exiled lands and found themselves spat out on the Isle via one of the wild surges just as thralls did in the game at that time. Of course a character could arrive via the in-game mechanic of having been on a slave ship enroute to the exiled lands that crashed on the Isle. Or they could have arrived via a ship charted to the outposts of Myzantus or Yasmela’s Pride, places that have learned the narrow and still treacherous sea lanes that will get their ships to port intact…most of the time. Or perhaps have managed to be on a ship out of Stygia that uses the power of dark sorcery to make its way to their outpost of Sekhset. This allowed for a variety of character backgrounds.

Then two things happened almost simultaneously; Funcom implemented their revamp of the Isle of Siptah which, in addition to adding NPC camps, removed the wild surges and lessened the severity of the maelstrom dramatically. And the Savage Wilds, the incredible (and free!) modded map from the team of Wild Cypher was released.

I had known for a long time that I wanted to do a scenario where player characters were conquering a new frontier rather than being prisoners, a theme which by now I was entirely burnt out on. As I’d been lucky enough to be an alpha tester on Savage Wilds I knew this was going to be the perfect map for that.

But what of Siptah?
And there is where things got interesting…

The inhabitants of the Isle of Siptah had a rough time of things. An evil Atlantean spirit with the mad idea that he could “absorb” the Old One that constantly menaced the Isle wreaked havoc…and was finally defeated due to the intervention of another spirit from his former life who taught some of the Isle’s inhabitants the arcane methods of thwarting his plans while a band of intrepid warriors fought him and his minions, keeping him from the tiny cadre of sorcerers who worked to cut him off from his arcane power source. Even so, he remained a formidable foe but was eventually brought down by the warriors who stood against him.

With that threat put behind them they were then forced to face the “sky kracken” itself and put an end to its continual attempts to tear “the veil” that separates our world from the outer dark and the void apart and give the Old Ones free reign over the earth at last. And after The Battle of the Leyshrine they did just that. The wild surges were no more and the skies above Siptah were blessedly clear.

It was somewhere around this time that a pair of curious explorers discovered that the enigmatic Black Tower at the center of the Isle, its doors sealed far past all living memory, was now…open. Within they discovered hidden secrets to powerful artifacts and a wall full of crumbling scrolls. Among them, the writings of a long dead Stygian slave called Tatia the Archivist, who wrote of a lost continent where Stygia had founded a colony and built the city of Murun. But then the cataclysm that had shrouded Siptah in vicious storms also cut off the continent, making it lost once again. And in time, the way to it was forgotten as well, Stygia writing it off as a lost cause with too little benefit to justify the expense of trying to find it again. It became a little known myth of Stygia’s long distant past.

But Tatia had drawn a map from his studies among scrolls that were mouldering even when he was young. It was this map that the pair of explorers brought out of the tower, made fair copies of, and distributed to those that had stood with them against the Old Ones, saving not just the Isle of Siptah but quite possibly the world beyond it. A new frontier, with its own lost history, its own vistas to discover, its own empires to be dreamed into existence by a new wave of colonists.

And now the first ships from Siptah have made the three day journey by sea to the land the Stygians had called Kemet. Camps are set up, exploration parties set out, fortresses begin to rise.

The Isle of Siptha remains vitally important as a link with the Old World and the wealth that its inhabitants use to finance and mount their own expeditions to the New World. It is probably only a matter of time before that world begins to hear whispers of the lost land of Kemet being found once more…and that the Isle of Siptah, while still treacherous and often stormy, is now reasonably accessible once more. What then? Will the heroes of the storm have had time to dig in and secure their positions? Will they work together once more or fight over rising strongholds and land claims?

And where might you fit in this sprawling tapestry?

We invite you to come find out.

With two servers using Amunets Server Transfer to allow your characters to ”travel by ship” from the Isle of Siptha to the Savage Wilds, a dedicated server staff and DMs that keep the server stories going yet always allow for players to take center stage, your possibilities are endless. Leave the life of a prisoner and exile behind. Become part of the rising trading empire of the Isle of Siptah, or possibly part of a sorcerous cabal, or strike out for the wilds of the lost continent… or do a bit of both! No matter where you go, adventure, danger and maybe even a bit of romance awaits!

Note: You do not need the Isle of Siptha DLC to join Black Circle. But in that case you will be restricted to the Savage Wilds map.

We’d love to see you in our discord!
See our full server ad here: Black Circle

Our ongoing server story continues on Savage Wilds and The Isle of Siptah…
With the addition of the gorgeous Savage Wilds to our server as well as the updates to FC’s Isle of Siptah the focus has shifted towards settlers and explorers of the Savage Wilds (known as the “lost continent” of Kemet) with the Isle of Siptah being more of an adventure zone. We use Amunet’s Server Transfer to allow your characters to “take ship” between the Isle of Siptah and Savage Wilds with the in character travel time being roughly three days, assuming good weather.
With this addition characters can have many different backgrounds. Gone are the days of, “You’re an exile!” as your only option. Indeed, you even have the option of being FROM the Savage Wilds.
So if you’re tired of the same old “exiles” background, love your RE Howard lore, and yearn for a truly fresh experience of the game, grounded in storytelling and with a deep love of the genre and source material, we invite you to come give us a try!

Updating to request this forum thread be moved to the new appropriate server and clans forums.

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