Savage Wilds & Isle of Siptah RP-PVP server: Black Circle

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We have also added the good old Exiled Lands to our server line up. However, for us, it is NOT “the exiled lands” at all but will be a server story zone for special location builds and dungeons, most often representing locations in “the Old World” but we’re also open to helping YOU develop your own adventures as well. Just DM a staff member with your idea and if it’s feasible we’ll work with you to make it happen! Outside of these special events you can still travel to the EL via server transfer and use it as an OOC farming zone or just for the fun of just playing the game and doing the dungeons and world bosses you already know and love. This way you can still make use of the things you get. No building EXCEPT for small craft halls. This server is subject to wipes if needed and if your craft hall happens to be in a place we need for an event you’ll be expected to move. BUT we’ll always give you a heads up so you have time to get your stuff!

And at long last our applications for vampires, werewolves and shapeshifters (wolf only at this time) are up! Of course we remain true to our vision of Conan being a low magic world and so these characters will be rare and not easy to get. But if you’re dying to delve into the spooky side of things, the possibility now exists!

This is a FANTASTIC server for anyone wanting in-depth, crunchy RP!

The admin team’s adherence to REH’s low-magic/high-adventure aesthetic means you’ll find no green-skinned orcs or pointy-eared elves there (sorry). BUT their recent addition of Sorcerer and Vampire character concepts (both of which are covered in various Conan stories) mean that various flavors of dark magic will be coming soon to both the Savage Wilds and the Isle of Siptah.

OH! And thanks to a mod, players can seamlessly TRAVEL BETWEEN SERVERS with the same character! No more having to create a copy of your beloved Barbarian, Archer, Thief, or Necromancer, then level and gear them up independently - sweet!

Savage Wilds just got its own slate of very cool dungeons that you can access by going to the caravan points and travelling to No Man’s Land, which is an incredibly cool zone in its own right! I didn’t think they could make Savage Wilds any better…but they just did! Come explore it with us!