Magic Earth RP [Warhammer Fantasy inspired] [Sapphire Exiles{

New work in progress roleplay server is finally opening the community doors and welcomes every Warhammer Fantasy enthusiast to take part is this amazing project.

Welcome to CE Magic Earth RP!
Heavily Total War Warhammer inspired.

Factions based on the Warhammer racial traits.
Join as one of the official factions along other Humans, Vampires, Dwarves, Greenskins or Elves, or make your pick on minor faction characters, free to settle anywhere on the map.
Enjoy the accurate diplomacy and racial relationships between each faction, as guided in the Warhammer setting.
Raid, conquer set political alliances and trade agreements with your neighbours or expand your kingdom borders, but be weary of the Chaotic armies, waiting to break free against your realm.

On Magic Earth, you are guiding the story of our world.

Map: Sapphire Exile.

More info to come soon as we dive deeper into the development of Magic Earth RP.

If you have any experience in server development, mods, lore writing or CE modded building, reach out to Ulf#8875 on discord for more details.