Major Bugs with Enemy NPCs, Thralls, and Purge

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [NA-West]

So far I have done over 30 Dafari Cannibal and Exile purges on my single player world. The thing is not once have I seen any of the enemies have actual armor or weapons other than your basic stone tools. They are not even wearing fiber clothes or anything at the very least. I do not know if this was intentional, but because of this the lvl 4 crafting thralls are naked when you break them in game and assign them to a station. When any of the purge enemies are spawned using the admin panel they all have clothes and weapons. Even when spawned in as a thrall they have clothes.

Some of the enemies with fire orbs do the throwing animation with the orb but nothing actually happens.

When trying to knockout a thrall during a purge sometimes the thrall falls through the ground, this breaks the purge as it cannot continue until all enemies are dead or gone. Since the thrall was simply knocked out but not killed or put away the purge will not progrest and there’s no way to do anything about it as the thrall remaining is falling down.

Another thing of note is not only are thralls spawning with low health and unable to heal but it seems that even human enemy npcs are also affected by the lower health spawn as the bosses in the purge have no more health than the lvl 1 fighters and archers.

Lastly I use a axe and a lot of the times the attacks from both me and an enemy do not connect for a short time even with our weapons going through each other. This usually occurs when fighting near small structures and decorations or while under a tent or canvas.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Activate a human npc purge on a base near the dafari summoning palace or any far south location near the river. Then spawn the bosses of the purge using admin commands and note the difference in their equipment.

2.let a enemy with a fire orb attack you for a while and note how they spam their attack but mostly nothing happens

3.Knock out multiple thralls until one falls through the ground and note the purge will not continue.

4.Take note of the simularity of how many hits it takes to kill each enemy npc from lvl 1-3 and the boss with the same weapon during a purge.

  1. Fight enemies under a tent canvas, or near small things such as spikes with an axe and eventually there will be times when both you and the enemy are immune to each others attacks.