Make ADMIN Flying Godmode always invisible


When you go into this mode you’re only invisible to the people you’re nearby when you activate it.

I actually didn’t realize this wasn’t working properly until I saw the guys on the Neebs Gaming Youtube site had started a series of Conan Exiles videos, and it was VERY obvious that this feature was bugged.

I was thinking that since this could good press for Conan Exiles and Funcom, that maybe you guys should get a heads up and try and fix it.

Especially since their Conan Exiles vids get more views in the first day a video airs than Conan Exiles gets in total players on Steam in a month. Just saying is all…here’s the first vid.


Why does the flying admin need to be invisible?
When I use this mode, it is usually to fix something. I want and sometimes need to see where my character is in relation to the thing that needs fixing.


If you had watched the linked video you’d have understood, but I’ll sum up.

  1. They’re video content creators and having the person in admin constantly showing up in frame screws things up.

  2. Server Moderation, if an admin is trying to catch someone cheating, duping or whatever they can’t do it if they’re visible.

  3. There is a invisible checkbox, when it’s checked you should be invisible.

I hope those are good enough reasons for you.


I don’t object to a toggle on / off invisible mode for admin fly mode but I would not like it to be permanently invisible when I’m in it.
I use the single player game to test out building … specifically placing objects so seeing where I am in relation to where things are placed is valuable to me even in fly mode.


I agree that if the invisible option is checked, the character should be invisible.

The video creators and server moderation is not playing the game so I do not see those uses as a valid reason to change game mechanics. Just my opinion.

I do not watch linked videos for specific reasons. Text summaries are a good thing.