Make DLC Armor and Weapons skins instead of early and mid game items

It’s annoying that the cool DLC I paid for is only good for early and mid game. I bought it so I’d have a distinct look so why not make it a skin?

DLC’s armours are good for endgame too if you craft their flawless epic version. DLC’s weapons are still very good at high level for some and not so good for other with their flawless epic version. Any T4 armourer can craft DLC’s flawless epic armours at an improved armourer bench and any T4 blacksmith can craft DLC’s flawless epic weapons at an improved forge.

All DLC armor and weapons can be made at the highest value of attack and defense, as well as early and mid. It requires a bit of effort though but not as much as star metal weapons which the DLC content equals also just to throw a bonus out there all Caravan pets from the DLC come with lower life but have increased carry capacity compared to their counterparts.

I agree and disagree as I like making them because they equal star metal and are 20 times easier to make material wise.

I would rather that only the pets remain a skin version and weapons remain however the idea of skin content as in coloring foundations would assist in camouflaging my base greatly so skin a foundation or allow dye to affect that as well would be amazing.

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