Make Flotsam building pieces upgradeble to T3 and bring steel to steel reinforcements back to bs bench

As the title say, make garrison workbenches produce steel reinforcements not only from iron Reinforcements butr also from steel bars, like the old benches still do.
Second, please make flotsam building pieces upgradeble, after all they are t1 and there is no logicval reason to have them as not upgradeble to t3

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Yeah this badly needs to be implemented. It’s actually a quite stunningly beautiful building set when you start incorporating all the different pieces, but not being able to upgrade it to T3 later makes it effectively unusable if you’re on a pvp server.

You can upgrade them to T3, But StormGlass Only. Obviously it needs corrected so you can upgrade to all the T3 Pcs Not just StormGlass.

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