Make Sexiles Mod great again (+18)

The authors of this mod seem to have died long before the arrival of covid-19.

I think it is right to revive this mod.
This is because in a world of violence, slavery, cannibalism and nudity, sexxx is a must!
I believe that the topic can be of interest to all types of players (SP-PVE-PVP).
Adds a touch of RPG to the game.

So I have a question for all professional modders:
is it possible for you to take this mod, update it, rewrite it and bring it to a new glory (hole)?
Or do you have a closed and uneditable project in front of you?

In case you could not continue with this mod then you would have to write a new one …

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Not your mod, you shouldn’t be asking for people to openly steal other people’s work. Regardless if it’s been “abandoned” or not.


If you want to create a mod like Sexiles, you should learn to mod yourself. There’s plenty of resources out there (most of which are also linked on the wiki; Useful links, Guides and a friendly modding discord for those who want to take the leap. You can also ask to team up with others (preferably once you get the hang of the basics).


First of all thanks for the answers.

It is NOT my mod, but it is A mod. If it were mine it would be updated …

To steal?
Please less misunderstandings.
This word does not appear in my text.
I thought it would be possible for another modder who received the OK from the initial creators to continue their project. Just this.

Of course, but thanks for the links. I am not a programmer and I think I would have some difficulty creating such a complex mod. I’ll take a look.

This mod is one of the most subscribed ever. There will be a reason for this … :wink: :rofl:

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Heh. This thread reminds me of Yahtzee’s latest Zero Punctuation, specifically the bit where he talks about how the game Black Mesa came to be:

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I would love to see this mod disappear for good.

But what you are asking for, as others has pointed out, is not cool. You are asking people to

. So yes, you are asking people to steal others work. You never at any point asked for them to get permission from the original creators. Maybe that was your intention but that was not what you typed.

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Then you should be more clear of that. Your initial statement does not specify this at all. In fact, you specifically ask

Or do you have a closed and uneditable project in front of you?"

Which strongly suggests you are asking for modders to take that work without the creators permission.

The author(s) of Conan Sexiles can do whatever it is they wish to do with their mod. They can take it down without a single word if they so choose, that is their right. It would be better for you to join the mods discord to check for any updates or status of the mod, as the workshop page suggests, then it is to make threads like this.

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So, since instead of discussing you only like to make useless controversy (after providing my clarifications) I would still like to emphasize that:

  1. I never talked about stealing and then I clarified myself. The word stealing is only in your argumentative brain.

  2. Everyone can have their tastes in mods, but if this sucks bigoted people then why is it one of the mods with the most subscriptions?

  3. I remind you that this game is +18. So if any individual under the age of 18 has downloaded it and is playing with it, it is doing something illegal. If it was brought up by an adult and given to a minor then the adult did something illegal.
    Strangely, no one complains about GTA … drugs, ■■■ and violence, but Conan … oh God … no … Making love in Conan is forbidden. Better to cannibalize a poor fellow after having torn his heart … this does not scandalize.
    Your reaction seems very hypocritical to me.

I speak with absolute serenity and sincerity.
A hug


Just go watch ■■■■ if you’re that desperate for some sort of sexual contact.

Or you know…stop gaming, go out into the world, and actually find someone to have ■■■ with.


Your way of arguing shows your intelligence …
How sad … we are talking about mods and programming and not about having sex…


My “reaction” has to do with your strongly suggested sentencing of wanting veteran mod authors to take over a mod without permission of the author(s) involved in that project. I didn’t say one word about the content of the mod. Mod authors are encouraged to explore their creativity however they see fit as far as I’m concerned.

Regardless of your “clarification”, asking people on this forum (and on the workshop page for Conan Exiles I see) without consulting the actual mod authors is still inappropriate. I once again encourage you to join their discord and see if there is anything recent or new with regards to the status of the mod.


I agree. Regardless of intentions, this is something that would have been best brought up with the author via a DM through steam or some other website they frequent. As someone who has been on both sides of the modding fence, waiting for news in regards to a project can feel like an eternity but until you get a solid response one way or the other from the author you just have to let things lie. Real life happens and sometimes that means you don’t even get a chance to drop a quick message saying you have to suspend development for the time being.

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I would be very careful of insinuating that others are attempting to perform criminal acts here on the forum. My understanding of the original post was that he asked if it was possible to continue working on it and updating it, not if he can claim it as his own, or for instructions on how to steal it. Perhaps he was unsure of what the rules and ettiquette are surrounding working on other peoples mods. I can tell you now that what I dont know about this could fill a warehouse. So do you suppose it is possible that he did not understand the legalities surrounding the issue himself…?

Zardoz if you genuinely would like to work on it, my advice would be to reach out to and discuss this with the creator.


Never seen so many obtuse responses in one short thread. He asked if it could be updated, I assume he’s fishing for someone to take up updating. I also assume he expects anyone who did it to obtain the proper permissions. Not sure why everyone is being so difficult.


For me op sounded demanding and this is what triggers mod authors. They provide something for free and they may decide to keep updating it or move on without a word. You can be grateful that they gave you something great to use for a while but you have no right demanding someone to provide you an update NOW or at all really. You have no idea how rude and entitled people can be on the mod pages when the update is delayed: “Fix your ****, it crashes my server.” comments are not uncommon. Has op been a bit more considerate in his tone, not to mention his opening line, he may have got some support but currently, possibly every capable mod author will ignore him.


Considering that is the ENTIRE point of that mod, yeah you actually are talking about that…

I’m sorry, but what?

I seriously just went to see if I had missed something, like a previous page where I had missed the first post entirely. But no… I hadn’t missed a thing.

His post isn’t demanding at all. In fact he was being comical in his request. I thought the OP spoke clearly and without a hint of attitude that he was owed something. I do however find some of these comments defending modders(?) puzzling and a bit confusing as there is nothing I see that needs defending. He enjoys the mod, the mod has been abandoned (potentially) and he’s asking the feasibility that the work could be continued by someone else. Oh the horror!


Where was the comedy? In all honesty, I am asking where the bloody hell you found comedy in the OP? There were no jokes made, nothing funny said. They simply asked if people can take someone else’s work and (with or without permission because the original post NEVER states either way) and continue it for their own selfish desires. Without doing the work themselves. And i understand, they have stated they are not a programmer and thus would not be able to do said work themselves. That is understandable. Not everyone has those skill sets and it should not be expected of everyone. But no, there was absolutely no comedy in that post. And the fact you would find it puzzling that you think people would defend the suggestion of the theft of another persons work is well… beyond puzzling. And to make it clear, I did say SUGGESTION OF.

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I suspect @olT3lo means

Which is darkly comedic in the vein of Frankie Boyle. I could be wrong…


If that is a problem for you why don’t you ignore the thread? I understand that people can feel offended but now why they feel to comment on the issue.
Obviously there is a large number of people out there that use that mod or used.