Make surviving the environment more difficult

The top of the forums say “brutal world of Conan”… there isn’t much brutal about it right now. I remember in early access when dying of heatstroke was a regular occurrence, along with getting mauled by hyenas because of their cripple, and dying to spiders because of their poison stacks. Shoot, I remember dying to all three at the same time even :slight_smile: Point is, right now, none of those scenarios happen, at least not with any kind of significant frequency to make this a challenging ‘survival’ game. The game is missing this brutality.


the problem is that we have so many guide in how to survive its alot easier when you already know how to get far. Really we do need to introduce more dieases and less loot dropping power.

One thing I am missing the most.
After lvl60 and at min 30 vitality you can be naked in the sandstorm and still live through the thing.
Shame. :smiley:

That thing should be deadly on Any level unless you get at least a minimal amount of countermeasure or shelter.

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Introducing diseases would be nice - different ones for different regions, but especially in the swungle. But regarding the guides, I don’t think those really pose a problem. I started playing last August with Northern Expansion, and there were some very good guides then, but that did not necessarily make parts of the desert and the north challenging. Guides of course provide a lot of help to survive, but without them, the environment still is not challenging enough. I miss the days when, in PvP, someone would try to run away, only to die to the environment anyways :slight_smile:

The game seemed a bit more difficult in the beginning. But apart from heat strokes (which I really enjoyed!!) the fauna was and is pretty neglectible in open spaces after realizing one thing: you can run past anything. You needn’t even sprint in most cases

You don’t have to pick a good route or anything. Just run. and If spiders are spitting venom or archers are shooting arrows at you, sprint for some time. Fighting creatures can be fun, but they don’t pose an obstacle when it comes to reaching some place on the major portions of the map.
I think that a hyena or panter should be able to catch up to you. Even crocodiles should be pretty fast on a short distance.
Also the transition from an enemy running at you and attacking you should be a tad faster because otherwise a hyena, for instance, reaches you, stops and then attacks you. Given your superior speed to all standard mobs, you can just run past the attack without the need to adjust the direction you are running.

I believe some of this can be fixed easily by adjusting some attributes like the mob’s speed and reaction time and by tweaking the steering behavior itself for special cases like persuite or evasion. (There is a great tutorial “Understanding Steering Behaviors: Pursuit and Evade” on gamedevelopment.tutsplus . com)
I assume something like this is done already, but perhaps the prediction of future player positions can be improved, so that enemys can take short cuts.

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