Mega Survival In the Exiled Lands

Hello all,

I see alot of people complain or comment that the survival of the game is minimal or all together gone at mid level and beyond. That got me thinking, and how about this:

Mega Storms in all terrains! not just a few minutes of storm, but an hour of madness, almost like a purge but not tied to a meter. Big nasty storms related to the biome you’re in that take extreme care to survive! monsoons in the jungle, maybe even flooding! Horrid winter blizzards in the north! lightning storms in the plains, or tornadoes! and Valcano Eruptions!

leave the newb desert and river the way it is. but how about heat waves in the other desert!

just spitballing here. But lets throw some ideas at the wall for upping survival in the game!

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I’m all for more survival. I believe originally there was enemies that were supposed to emerge during sandstorms which sounded cool. Very certain you can still find lore notes or something in game that talk about it.

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They’ve already done Mega Survival. It’s called nerfing dodges to the point of uselessness.

So now you struggle to survive if you are confronted by 2 or more NPCs or players.

If they’re the same beasts from the sandscorge ruins then that would be wicked! cause theyre super tough.

I really think the other biomes would benefit from storms of some kind. It’s almost unfair to force newbies to survive these apacolyptic storms and then let you just stroll through worse terrain like its no big deal lol.

Yeah, they are pretty brutal. I can see them giving the starter zone a really hard time however I do think sandstorms should be more impactful in some way. Maybe severe thirst or something since I’m pretty sure with some vitality perks you don’t even need a mask

I’ve been thinking the same thing about the survival portion of the game…
I always thought the hunger and thirst should have been more in line with the actual day and night cycle.
And that the meat from animals should be less of it… Maybe not expressed as a numerical value but rather as a quality…

I thought the biomes should have its own challenges…
What if there was quick sand in the desert… Swamp gas in the swamp.
Random land slides in the mountains.
The volcano eventually erupts.

Storms should maybe have an impact on the equipment someone had got equipped making them rust etc etc…

Maybe with a thunder storm if someone is wearing metal armour they are more likely to be struck by lightning…

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Have you tested it, or seen someone else test it in a live combat situation? Because frankly, we don’t know what else is going to change (except that there are some weapon changes, and something else the devs didn’t tell us yet). Without full context we have no way of knowing if dodging is going to be useless or whether multiple opponents will be an insurmountable challenge after the update.

I admit I’m concerned about the dodging speed update, but I want to test it myself (and I mean, really test it, and not just use it for five minutes and declare it dead) before making any final judgements.

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I have seen these post many times before and I WILL support this wholeheartedly!

I have seen being mentioned if my memory serves:

Blizzards in the North and Typhoons or swarms of flesh eating bugs and bats in the Jungles. Coupled with sand beasts for the sandstorms (like in the intro trailer) Yeties for the North and locusts or whatever for the jungle.

To further on the survival aspect, we can get new gear for each storm situation exactly like the sandstorm masks. Fur cloaks for blizzards, hide hooded ponchos for typhoons and bugs.

MAN! I would like to relive the feeling of angst and doom of a level 10 character trapped in a sandstorm on your first play through!


oh man, swarms of mosquitos would be hilarious, difficult, and extremely relevant! youd need a fire burning torch to survive them!

I think that’s been the best survival event for the swamp I’ve heard yet!

Edit: I wish I could like your post two times, because those are great ideas!

I’ve played in heavy armor since lauch because my favorite armor is hyperborean slaver belt. so the dodge change is kind of irrelevant other than I’ve always liked the sidestep dodge and think it should stay in the game.

on that note, any suggestions for increased survival?

Thanks for the reply. any real suggestions for harder survival? or have you seen any good mods related to the post?

I play on PS4, don’t have access to mods.

Extreme weather can be fun. No Man’s Sky has this on most planets you can visit. Requiring you to build a shelter and hide out, or else camp in your ship until it passes.

Given the setting in Exiles, some of those could be adapted to add harsher survival conditions throughout the entire game. Not simply in the desert.

Desert could get a heat wave with extreme heat that doubles or triples the rate you get thirsty.
Snow could get a cold snap that forces you to find ways to stay warm.
Jungle can get Acid Rain.

Add plagues of locusts in the desert that could damage your armor if it’s light/medium (ie, cloth or leather from them chewing on it)

Acid Rain could damage your equipment durability in the Jungle region.

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I also thought there should be more edible plants…

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No Mans Sky is definitely a good example of diverging survival requirements! a cold snap could have some sweet visual effects too, with hoarfrost showing on everything including the player.

Well… I’m someone who turns off sandstorms on his Solo game. (Well, I collected the fragments of the Sandstorm artifact and assembled it, so I could explain in my head-canon that my character used the sandstorm demon to stop the storms.)

But honestly, I would like some additional survival aspects in the game, just not in the shape of sandstorms and such. They feel more like a chore that stop me from playing periodically, rather than something to be afraid of. The visual effect of sandstorms is great, it’s an awesome sight to behold rising on the horizon and gives a great impression of danger - but the actual effect is just “wear a different hat or go home and stay indoors for several minutes”. It’s boring.

I don’t really want spawning sandbeasts or other NPCs to increase the threat. I’d rather have the sandstorm feel more sandstormy. Similarly, blizzards and tropical storms would be fine if they had an actual impact on gameplay other than “don’t play”.

Ok Cap, I am curious. Would that entail like building damage? I thought that could be quite cool IMO.
If after a biome specific storm we had to go assess the damage to our base exterior that could be an extra game play loop. Even though I think it could get annoying but I would still like it…keeps you busy.

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Yeah, why not? It would definitely make us consider our construction like the Three Little Pigs - build with cheap materials, and the next hurricane will tear off your roofs. Build a reinforced stone fortress, and a tsunami won’t make it budge.

The damage caused by storms to something like thatched roofs could be significant. Just as long as the storms aren’t a daily occurrence, so we don’t need to spend too much time repairing. I’d rather see something that orrurs rarely but has a major impact than something that’s common but insignificant. Just like Purges are waves of multiple opponents that happen only once every few weeks, rather than a single NPC attacking your base every few hours.

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It’s funny that the newb area is the only place that has these restrictions too lol, as im in the same boat. At level 60 I breeze through the wilderness like Bambi, but at level 1 you’re in an area that kills you by sand blast lol

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I’d maybe have actaul things that affect your equipment, what if armour rusts for example

It doesn’t loose durability but maybe it lowers agility (joints lock up etc etc)
And armour points.

Tools don’t gather as much and the higher tiers are affected more.

What would be a cool feature is that a sand storm could knock you off your feet… And spins you around
And the map icon dissapears so you could get temporally lost…

What if the bugs in the swamp actually made you sick… Reducing stamina and every so often you vomit… Making you vunrable to attack if engaged in combat.
Eating, drinking and finding edible herbal cures could make you better over time.

What if fatigue was a thing also… That you had to take some rest and sleep…

Sometimes at night I don’t move around… And I don’t climb on anything… As I’ve fallen to my death quite a few times!
I’d use that time to rest.


I love the killer bugs idea, and fatigue would be neat!

maybe for the armor part it would essentially be wearing it when its broken would cause some negative effect as well as its aor rating and element protection. that would be cool!

good ideas!