Sandstorm Improvements?

Within the early game the sandstorms always had a sort of fear associated with them… but as you level and basically become immune to them using masks and just larger health pools and they became trivial… mere annoyances to your schedule. this shouldn’t be happening… we need something to bring back that primal fear of the unknown within the storm.

what I suggest is to make the sandbeasts spawn randomly within the sandstorm effected area… and perhaps even a sandbeast boss that has a incredibly small chance of spawning. make the boss one of (if not the) strongest boss within the exiled lands and give an equally strong reward for slaying the beast… what I’d suggest is some sort of “sandbeast” themed legionary armor or even a sandbeast cub to be tamed…

my second idea to bring more fear into the storms are the addition of a new type of purge- a sandbeast purge… this purge would consist of mostly a new type of monster a “lesser” sandbeast or a sandbeast cub with several adult sandbeasts that accompany them… then end it with either a group of adult sandbeasts or the aforementioned sandstorm boss. this event would have to be level capped of course to prevent low level players from getting sandbeast purged… perhaps a cap of level 50? as for the visual effects from this purge it should either summon a sandstorm over the purged target or only have the purge occur during a sandstorm? the first option would be easier but the second would be very interesting to have…


Flying Sand Demons that only attack level 60’s unless a lowbie attacks them :smiley:

Also, super thunder storms and if you wear metal armor… I think you know what happens. :smiley:


I miss older one that hit all way up to northern desert and allowed you to hide against walls.

Ps4 anyway.

Now, your past certain point, it wont even hit you anymore. And now, 90% of cliffs and such you could hug…now don’t even give you 10%
Tents still don’t place properly… so Sandstorms are basically death.

Heck, you use to beable pop one of those breathing potions games tosses at ya, and hide underwater. Can’t even do that now…

Its nice thats its lethal, but most of time… inless you carry some building parts, your kinda sol.

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how about the farther you go north the more sand beast spawn

In the hidden server config three is an option to enable 'dogs of the desert…

Anyone know if this works?

I’d rather see sandstorms interact with shelter properly first, instead of adding a combat element to the survival aspect. Currently there are too few natural shelters that protect against a sandstorm reliably, and even player-built shelters leak illogically.

On my single-player server I disabled sandstorms as soon as I had assembled the sandstorm artifact (because in my head-canon it lets me trap the sandstorm genie back into the bottle) because they’re either just a mild annoyance (I need to wear my special hat for a few minutes and can’t see a damn thing) or panic-panic-panic-run-for-cover-aaaaargh-why-isn’t-my-shelter-working-now-I’m-dead, neither of which adds to my gaming experience in a positively exciting manner.


Servers have had a configuration (set to off by default) that allows sandstorms to spawn things to attack you in them. It just has never worked… ever. Maybe they should spend less time on a DLC we don’t need and more time fixing things like this.

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Making their damage percentage-based would help to equalize the threat for both new and mid or high level characters.

And yes, I agree with the need for shelter to avoid sandstorm completely. If you’re outside in a sandstorm a simple mask should not completely negate the damage.

Maybe an easier step is it does % damage instead of fixed rate. This way, lower levels aren’t negatively effectd by any OP beasts in it, and higher levels have to deal with the damage accordingly.

Have you ever been in a sandstorm? I can tell you that a mask and full clothing cover are enough if the storm is brief like they are in the game. Now if it lasted for hours then hell yes you need shelter. However for like 5 minutes of it like the game has you really don’t need it.

5 minutes is @4 hours in Conan time on officials. Day cycle is 30 minutes, so 5/30 = 1/6th of a day, 4 hours.

why? you could have a new raid world boss that everyone needs a sandstorm mask and cloth, wood, or clay, or obsidian armor to wear or they get hit by lightning bults from thunderstorms if metal. This could allow newbie players to craft an early game sandstorm mask and try to ambush the high level players as they demon raid in the sandstorm and steal their high level gear.

No I think the mask adds a beautiful elemennt to the game and on PVP servers forcing everyone to have a mask to raid in the dirt storm is an amazing idea. And i thinnk the super sanndstorms can take this even further by forcing players to wear cloth armor or get hit by lightning bolts. So everyone is wearing mask and light armor during super storm or staying inside like a little puppy.

Maybe they can add debri like trees flying through the air that can hit you so that you still get your INTENSE BRUTAL COMBAT feel and not be so concerned with a magical mask that lets you breath stormdust.

Also if the storm could blow small monsters off the map that would be hilarious.

Don’t get me wrong, the sandstorm mask is ok but it shouldn’t prevent all damage from the sandstorm on it’s own.
The whole survival mechanic, of which the sandstorm is a big part, becomes less important at higher levels and that just feels wrong. In a survival game the environment should always play a role and not be trivialized by one simple item.

New player here and I love the sand storm!

I can only hope to encounter snow storms when I go north and other regional style cataclysms when I get there.

Extreme weather is scary fun.

It’s a nice idea on paper, but since it’s merely a huge death wave happening every now and then in practise, I simply deactivated it after couple times. Then again if it loses its fear variable along the road, I think I haven’t missed much. :thinking:

It would have been a nice touch if it just made you lose your ability to navigate perfectly and go walking speed for a moment within the storm (crowd control feature). Just thinking about this makes my spine tingle. :cowboy_hat_face:

Dying part of the feature is extremely boring and in its unimaginative form, quite bothersome imo. Like I know I’d survive it, but somehow my adult character goes down nice and slow. :expressionless:

Dying is one of the main variables in the game already and dished out happily; I’m doing it too, but I find it gradually boring if I can’t deliver it in many ways, as a result of my choices, not merely because a wave of death happens like a clockwork and takes my enemy down for me. Just nonsense. Large storm of a sand robbing my kill… Annoying. Then again if I walk to my doom, i.e. going over a cliff under the sandstorm - now that would be hilarious. :joy:

By Almighty Derketo, this would be awesome! :heart_eyes:

How about also adding a small chance that when we travel during the sandstorm, we could end up appearing in a random place the storm touches? We’re just walking in the storm, minding our business, and all of a sudden we hit our head on a huge wall that seemed to appear from nowhere. Only that the wall has always been there, but we haven’t…

I never witnessed a purge before. I think I broke the server settings for that somehow. :weary:

I agree that sandstorms should be feared, but not with sand beasts. I would prefer to see Sandstorms much more deadly, a death sentence for anyone without sandstorm mask and perhaps 25%~50% health damage for those with. Longer warnings would be nice though.

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If only we could have three sliders in the server settings, we could all at least be able to tweak its severity. Like from a pure crowd control effect to a death sentence; first slider affects our movement speed (0 to 100 % decrease for the duration), the second governs the impact on health (0 to 100 % per second for the duration) and the third slider defines how early the warning happens (0 to 300 %, multiplying seconds).

Would be a nice start, don’t you think?


After all, it’s quite a majestic sight to behold. It needs some love imo.

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Like Mr. Ron White said: It isn’t that the wind is blowing, but WHAT the wind is blowing. If you get hit by a Volvo, it doesn’t matter how many sit-ups you did that morning. :joy:

Brilliant!!.. I mean have 'em add some flying debri like trees, not Volvos.

Blowing some small monsters hitting you and taking you with them off the map would be even more comical way to die. :joy:

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