Manifestation of Zeal is not Moveable - Single Player

Pretty sure this issue has been reported in the past. This item is needed to make the Set Snake Arrows at teh carpenter’s bench.

  1. craft any item at an alter (any alter) that creates Manifestation of Zeal.
  2. Try to move it to your inventory so you can go make the arrows.

I tested this in both the Live build and Testlive with an existing game. Secondly I tested this in the Testlive with a new game.


What Nuria said: This isn’t intended and has been fixed internally. Snake Arrows are supposed to be crafted in the Set Altar, so you don’t need to move manifestations of Zeal :slight_smile:

I have a Tier 2 Set Temple in Testlive - Single Player game and do not recall seeing the ability to make the Snake Arrows at the temple.

I still see the Snake Arrows at the Carpenters bench requiring branches and manifestation of zeal.

Since the manifestation of zeal is a non-movable item, I use the admin setting to bring in some manifestation of zeal into my character’s inventory and then could not put it down in the carpenter’s bench. I had to kill my character to dump the manifestation of zeal.

My Set alter is T3 with an Archpriest and I am unable to make them there.

Even after the latest patch?

I checked yesterday on Testlive - Solo Player and I can indeed make the Snake Arrows at the Tier 2 Set Temple. I was fixated on the Carpenter’s Bench since I still see the Snake Arrows at the Carpenter’s Bench as well as soon as I took the Tier 2 Set Temple Feat.

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I checked it as well. Works in the T3 alter.

My character is level 47 in the Testlive Solo-Player game. Once I get to level 50, I will take the T3 Set Feat and upgrade the temple and check.

I do not foresee any issue, but I will check just the same.

Testlive, lvl 44 char, simple Set-altar (T1), and can make snakearrows without troubles.

Of course, i need first human heart for the zeals, but then with 5 zeals, i can craft 1x arrows = 10 snake arrows.
Didn’t try an upgrade yet, but i test that today again.

Did you try all with a new crafted altar, did you admin-spawn your altar ? or was it done time before the last patch maybe ?

When I first created my temple, I did not know they moved the Snake Arrow creation to the temple.

In the past, you could not make snake arrows until you had T2 Set Feat and it was at the carpenter’s bench.

Now that I know they are made at the Set altar I do not have a problem. I will build another T1 Temple and check out the snake arrow option.

i know that, i play since very EA, so no trouble, i made tons of snakies in the past on the old fashioned way.
But they changed the way they are made, made the cost more, wesh, what i can understand, it was way easy and very cheap to make them.

But if you hit making 1 arrow, you become 10, so it’s ok for me, but indeed bit more work.

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