Map Icons for Points of Interest: Is there a way to remove them?

After visiting so many places, my map is now littered with all these icons. Which makes it really difficult to locate my other clan members and thralls on the map with so much clutter.

Is there a way to clear the map of all these map icons and to keep them from showing up again?



It would be nice if there was a toggle button on the map screen. Where you could turn all of the points-of-interest on and off.

Alas, there is no such thing.

Also, be careful placing a customer icon over a POI. You’ll never be able to delete it.

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The game must be saving the POIs you have visited in a file somewhere. I am wondering if that would be an option?

Search if there is a mod. But remember, if there is a mod, it may cause issue if the creator doesn’t keep it inline with current version of game.

to remove what you have marked on the map, you click on the marked again and the first drawing that has a red line says delete

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I am talking about the Points of Interest Icons the game places for named locations when you first visit these locations. Not player made waypoints.


I am pretty sure that’s part of a server db. If you reinstall the whole game, delete all the leftover files and reinstall it, and then connect to a server where you explored things, you’d still have the icons

Yeah I think you are right. I tested that and found that to be the case as well.

Damn I wish Funcom would allow the icons to be suppressed. Or at least make clan members, follower positions, and T3 shrines stand out more on the map. The map is just too cluttered with all the POI icons.

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