Map Icon Filter

At some point, it would be nice to get the option to toggle the visibility of different types of icons.

For instance, on the PvE server I’m on, it’s nice being able to add map markers for publicly accessible map rooms, where specific bases are, obelisks, etc. However, once someone has done a lot of exploring, the map becomes so cluttered with icons for dungeons, points of interest, etc. that it can be difficult to visually distinguish what’s what — especially since all of the icons are the same color.

What I’m suggesting would be a drop-down or side panel with check-boxes for each type of icon so we can turn them on/off individually. Additionally, there would be master checkboxes for both official and user-added map icons, so someone could hide or reveal that entire category without changing the state of any checkboxes nested within it. (i.e. If I have Dungeons set to visible, but Points of Interest Hidden and I uncheck Official, Dungeons should still be visible and PoIs hidden when I later re-check the Official.)

Lastly, it would be awesome if there was a category for clan-wide markers so that clanmates could share markers with everyone in their clan. If done, I’d suggest making these visible only to members or higher, with only Officers or higher being able to add or delete.

Oh, and please add an official map-marker when someone attunes to an obelisk, it’s kind of silly that we need to add those manually.

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