Interactive map? Map Filters? Additional map icons?

Recently I have been using the feature to add custom points of interest on the map. I have been mapping known player bases as well as marking accessible map rooms on the game map. However with most of these bases having a bunch of temples the custom icons get lost in all the temple icon clutter. They also don’t stand out well from all the default points of interest either. I know I could just use the temple icons as a reference for player bases. However I am labeling my custom icons with the clan name so I can keep track of where each clan is and how they are spread out. (Most have multiple bases) So what I am proposing is a filter or a way to toggle off types of icons from the map. It would also be nice if there were additional types of icons or at least the ability to use different colors of the current icons. Since the names of each icon do not appear unless you place the cursor over it. This would make creating custom points of interest a much much more useful tool.

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Put your icon beside the temple cluster… there you have it, your icon right beside.

The idea is to have the ability for the information a player cares about to stand out.

All my enemy base markers stand out just fine, guess we are different.

Say that after you’ve filled the map with markers for bases, temples, map rooms, bridges, loot locations, fishing spots, resource farming spots, etc. in addition to all the default icons that the map has. He’s not asking for much. Just a way to filter the icons he’s not looking for at the moment so that the ones he is looking for are easier to find.

I mark enemy bases and player map rooms. I have no need to map fishing spots, resource spot or anything else because I know where everything is and see no reason to clutter my in game map when i can use something like this

Curious… I use that map/app all the time and typically the first thing I do is toggle off the ruins and camps. So that the info I am looking for stands out and is easier to find. Its this kind of feature that would be nice in game. I use this on my phone as a sort of companion app to the game. In fact if the developer of this map would add a feature for adding custom points of interest I would likely use it exclusively.

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Agreed, it would be nice to toggle on/off the display of various types of icons. For instance, as UV points out, I can easily keep up a map of points of interest on another monitor if I need to find them.

However, once someone has explored most of the world, the sheer clutter of all the icons makes it difficult to quickly identify what you’re actually looking for. Being able to hide player-built temples, POIs, camps, etc. (as that map and the SnowHawkClan map both allow) would make it much easier to see markers we’ve manually added.

Additionally, part of the fun of this game for some people is the discovery and exploration aspect. While I may have seen & done it all and don’t mind opening a map that shows everything, there are a LOT of spoilers on the online maps for someone going thru on their first play-thru. Hell, I still remember the excitement and satisfaction of finding obelisks and rare resources (like silver) thru actual exploration.

So yeah, the online maps are great if you need to find stuff, but they don’t help one bit for decluttering the in-game map when you just want to focus on PvP notes you’ve manually added.

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