Map update icons

I notice the map needs more details. Most the time you walk into a place and the map adds an icon. I want to add outlines for places to be discover ,emotes,recipes and lore stones. The outlines become mark in when areas discover,recipes learn,emotes learn and lore stones listen to. This adds to the gaming expecting and allows me not to miss a thing.

To be honest that just takes away actually exploring and the surprise of finding something new for the first time. There’s plenty of user made maps out there to get everything spoon fed.

Don’t spoon feed me that bs. If emotes were easier to find I be ok with it.

I have to agree with @saorsa. I prefer discovering things on my own and don’t want my hand held while exploring. In fact, I’d actually prefer the map to be covered in a fog of war.

He is right about there being plenty of maps out there. You can find maps showing exactly where all of the emotes are.


Emotes,recipes and lore stones are annoying to find.

To some people, sure. That’s why people made the maps and posted them online. :slight_smile:

Not all of them but a good few of the emotes are where the ghosts appear and if you don’t see the ghost the music will also change. So that’s already two things to give you an idea if you are near to where an emote might be.

The first emote I ever learned was the belly dance.
I thought it was pretty cool when I stumbled upon some dancing ghosts, decided to watch them and then it said I learned the emote.

This wouldn’t have been interesting at all had the map been marked to show me that I could learn an emote there.

I have to get every emote recipe and etc. This would help with that. Witcher 3 I couldn’t leave any place unexplored.

This could be an extra visual option. Meaning you turn it off or on anytime you want. It’s default off. Turn it on if you want.

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They are easy to find. 80% of the cases even a ghost shows you the way. But whatever a setup switch to turn on off wouldn’t hurt so much for like in the singleplayer…

BUT as a map upgrade I would like to get icons on maproom locations! Like how the maxi upgraded altars are showing up as (no name) <— We should get an option to name our altars btw

Wrong. Bear Hug is hidden. And most have zero ghost. Allow my idea as an option. Most are a pain to find.

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The relic hunter city was not fun finding there emotes.

This is a personal option you can turn on. It’s not server base.

If the ground is dark it can hide the emotes book. The ghost did the emote. No book. I had to guess where spit was. I hate spending 1 hour or more searching for the emotes. This is with the players guides.

This could be a player option setting. Meaning Only see Map icons if you set show Map icons on. By default it’s off.

I’m a 100% collector on items,emotes and etc. It bugs me not to know if I collect all of something.