If there's a place you got to go, I'm the one you need to know... the map

Went to mark another bloodnstonenose what ever beast locations. I can’t put down any more markers.

I’m an explorer so I have 85-90% of the POIs on my map.
There’s, Set knows how many god icons.
I’ve marked all the fragments.
Had the wagons marked but deleted al them.

But here I am, want to mark these beasts to farm and out of markers. Maybe it’s time for a new map.
A revamp with a nicer map, more icons, an option to just drop a colored dot.
An option to turn off temple markers or drop them to more simplistic icons.
A base icon; maybe the icon used for the clan pennant. Not the clan icon, but the pennant icon.
And of course a higher icon limit.

ya I know this will vanish like a fart in the wind, but I’m a gassy old man so :stuck_out_tongue:


I totally agree the map could use love. Some more types of map markers would be nice and maybe some dots/pins we can place in different colours as well. Just started a new game for the new age and haven’t got around to marketing anything yet.

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I agree we need the availability of more map markers . Definitely on a private server to keep track of people’s bases. USED to have map rooms scattered around the Obelisks way stations at desert entrances on Exiles Land. That eats up markers fast. @DeaconElie

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Would love to see a compass or a mini map :world_map: in the hud at some point too ( I know there’s a mod but would prefer in game).


That would be nice I use the map alot trying to find a new clan member is a pain in the buttocks. They give poor information and you stumble around trying to find them went through that today

Map should be removed from the UI and replaced by an object you can look at in your hands or on a table or wall. No icons showing where players are, where people instead use landmarks to navigate.

Those with gold bars on their clothes will be hopefully lost :yum:, but the rest of us will have a more immersive experience.

Yes yes yes more markers and more markers types as currently there is not enough of either

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