Can we please get an option to hide/filter map markers/points of interest?

Just as the title says. Currently you cannot hide the points of interest on your map. This is normally fine, but it can be really annoying at endgame, especially on an active multiplayer server. One of the best map features is the ability to add custom markers and I love it; however, they can be hard to see with all the clutter. Likewise, God Coins and Altars can be hard to see on the map. At endgame, I have every point of interest and sometimes it makes looking at the map difficult.

This isn’t an urgent concern, but it’s a feature I’ve been wanting for some time and it would be a great QoL change.


To add to this, I play on Xbox and have to move the cursor with the analog sticks. Having it slow down EVERY time it goes across a map marker makes using the map tedious.

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You are not alone, as PS version also have that annoyances as well.


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